“Dirtiest Man in the World” needs Sulphur/Antim Crude?

Courtesy: dr.nambisons.com World’s Smelliest & Dirtiest Man Alive: Amou Haji, Iranian Who Hasn’t Shower For 60 Years Makes History, because he thinks that cleanliness will bring him sickness. This Dirtiest man in the world smokes animal feces and hasn’t bathed in 60 years, “When asked to eat clean food and drink clean water, he gets mad,” according to report. He may have the title of “Dirtiest Man in the World” because it’s been reported that the previous record holder for not bathing was 66-year-old Indian man Kailash Singh, who went over 38 years without washing. Haji apparently had some “emotional setbacks in his youth” that led him to begin leading his current lifestyle. In addition to the issue with bathing, Haji also enjoys dining on the rotten meat of dead porcupines and “when asked to eat clean food and drink clean water, he gets mad.” Besides eating animals, Haji also enjoys stuffing his pipe with animal feces and will only ingest tobacco by smoking multiple cigarettes at once. Dirty smoke2   Haji alternates between living in a grave-like hole in the ground “to keep him grounded and in touch with the reality of life” and a brick shack. On the healthy side, he does keep his hair neat and trimmed — by burning it over a fire — and drinks five liters of water every day out of a rusty oil tin. Dirty2   If we look into repertory: Generalities; bathing, washing; agg.: ANT-C CALC-S CLEM AM-C MAG-P TUB KALI-I IOD ANT-T GELS APIS RHUS-T ARN MERC CALC PHOS SULPH Mind; fear; washed, being: ant-c sulph Generalities; bathing, washing; aversion to: ANT-C AM-C PSOR CLEM SPIG SULPH RHUS-T SEP Skin; filthy skin: PSOR ANT-T ARG-N BAC CARD-M SANIC KALI-P CAPS CUPR IOD MAG-C CHEL FERR APIS SULPH THUJ ARS NAT-M NUX-V Mind; dirtiness: AM-C LYCPS LAC-C CAPS PSOR PLAT CHEL GRAPH LACH RHUS-T SULPH These rubrics prominently brings out Antim Crude & Sulphur as the indicated remedies. Let us now consider Antim. crude  Clarke says “Antim. crude corresponds in a sense to the race of swine, as Arsenic does to horses and Pulsatilla to sheep.” Further he says: It is preeminently a scrofulous medicine, corresponding to gross constitutions with tendency to rough scaling skin with horny patches.

  • The sulphur element in Ant. crud. is strongly pronounced in the provings < from cold washing (less severe after warm washing), from cold water and cold food.
  • Eruptions which appear chiefly in the evening, or which itch in the heat of the bed, and prevent sleep.
  • Thick, hard scabs, often honey-yellow, here and there a crack oozing a green sanious fluid, burning as if immersed in hot embers.
  • Corns and callous excrescences on the feet.
  • Nails discoloured and deformed.
  • Degeneration of the skin.
  • Fungus of the joints.

But if we look at sulphur it seems more close owing to similarity in mental sphere. SULPHUR: Aversion to be washed, always < after a bath. Dirty, filthy people, with greasy skin, and long, straight, matted hair, prone to skin affections. Children who cannot bear to be washed or bathed; emaciated; big-bellied; restless, hot, kick off clothes at night; have worms. “Ragged philosophers“; dirty-looking persons who are always speculating on religious or philosophical subjects. Freckled people. Dirty3 The greatest general psoric remedy for almost every kind of itch, sore, ulcer, &c.; very colicky babies with pimples, itch, or eruption on skin, or roughness of skin. Dirty smoke1

  • Skin dry; rough; scaly; voluptuous itching?”feels so good to scratch”; ecchymosis; chapping of the skin, esp. when it ulcerates; chapping of the skin after being wet; brown sphacelus.
  • Tetters in general; chapped; scurfy; painful; tearing; pulsating, &c.?H. N. G.].?Itching in skin, even of whole body, < at night, or in morning, in bed, and often with pain as of excoriation, heat, itching (soreness), or bleeding of the part which has been scratched.
  • Hepatic spots of a yellow or brownish colour (on the body).
  • Tingling in the skin throughout the body.
  • Skin of hands hard and dry.
  • Desquamation and excoriation of skin in several places.?Pityriasis of head and chest.
  • Unhealthy skin; slightest injuries are followed by inflammation and ulceration.

Dirty smoke3

Melancholy and sadness, with grieving ideas; uneasiness respecting the patient’s own condition and prospects, and about business affairs, so as to become exceedingly unhappy, disgusted with life, and even to despair of eternal salvation. – Clarke

filthy sulphur

Egoistic.?Dwells on religious or philosophical speculations; anxiety about soul’s salvation; indifference about lot of others. Vexatious and morbid ideas of the past arise and cannot be got rid of. Ill-humour, moroseness, quarrelsome disposition, disposition to criticise, and dislike to conversation. Irritability, disposition to anger and passion. – Clarke


Mania, with a settled idea of having all things in abundance, possessing beautiful things, &c. Errors respecting objects, a hat is mistaken for a bonnet, a rag for a handsome gown, &c. Foolish happiness and pride; fantastic illusions of the intellect, esp. if one turns everything into beauty, as an old rag or stick looks to be a beautiful piece of workmanship; everything looks pretty which the patient takes a fancy to. – Clarke


“< By heat” is another keynote of Sul., and marks it out as the remedy in a large number of cases; the < is most noticeable by warmth of the bed.  Great indolence and repugnance to all exertion, both mental and bodily. Too lazy to rouse himself up, and too unhappy to live. – Clarke


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