Month: November 2019


By. Dr. P. Jousset, Paris.      In facial neuralgias there are two different forms, namely, the ordinary form, and the extremely painful form, which is connected with twitches and is also called “tic douloureux” or “Forhergill’s...

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By Dr. Friedrich Lenz, Langfuhr-Danzig. Translated for the Homoeopathic Recorder from the Leipziger pop. Z. F. Hom. One of the worst diseases of women, and this not only for the patients themselves, but also for the physician...

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By. Dr. Leon Simon, Paris.      Last year I was called to see merchant M.L., forty-one years of age. I found an intelligent, robust man with a large head, dark complexion and brown hair, which was very thick. He had up to this...

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