Patient: A 66 years old gentleman first consultation: 3rd December, 2012.

History of the case:- During the last week of June, 2007 he suffered from Abscess in his liver with hyperpyrexia and intense pain in hepatic region and right shoulder. After undergoing allopathic treatment for about a month and nor getting satisfactory improvement he resorted to homoeopathy. Then he consulted me on 30th July 2007.

The ultra sound scanning on 24th July says:

Impression: A small residual abscess in anterior lobe of liver, with right renal small simple cyst and well distended U.B. with thickened tribulated walls and PVR 28cc.

The hyperpyrexia and the pains were continuing. He was feeling great weakness. Used to feel hungry but felt full after eating a little.

Taste was bitter. Lycopodium 200 one dose after 48 hours and occasional dose of Bryonia 1M were prescribed. Lastly Nux vomica was required and was prescribed in 200th potency.

Gradual improvement set in by the homoeopathic treatment.

On 24th September, 2007 he reported much improvement in his health. Improvement in his health was continued with occasional trivial complaints from time to time and by 6th December, 2007 he was almost well. He remained well till December, 2009. In December, 2009 he had a severe attack of Stroke (Apoplexy) or Brain haemorrhage with loss of voice and various complications. He was hospitalized from where he was referred to higher centre for treatment where he got allergic reaction from allopathic medicines and developed Erysipelas like itching eruption all over his body without relief in his other complaints. Before resorting to my help he had consulted various specialists for whole one year with little improvement.

Ultimately he resorted to the homoeopathic help from me on 3rd December, 2010. When he visited he was suffering from the following complaints:

Paralytic weakness, stiffness of joints with pain and dropsical swelling and great faltering and slurred speech. He used to take a long time to utter the next word, the spoken words were a bit difficult to understand. Urine flow was not free. Ulcers in rectum and loss of appetite.

Causticum 200 was given.

After initial aggravation in the dropsical swelling improvement started. On 28th March, 2011-Got painful swelling on face, hands and feet on and off. In allergy test he was found to be allergic to wheat. Now Lycopodium 30 was prescribed twice daily. During the treatment wheat was not abandoned yet improvement in his health continued and the allergic reaction subsided with gradual improvement in other symptoms.

On 17th May, 2011 Lycopodium 200 was prescribed. One dose after every 36 hours was given. Slow but gradual improvement continued in his health 24th August, 2011, for some time he was feeling pain in his cervical and dorsal regions of his back. Now Lycopodium 1M one dose with intermittently Kali carconicum 200 once in three days was given.

9th September, 2011 dorsal pain was gone but some pain in cervical region continued which he used to feel on moving his head. He was feeling some heaviness in body. Some general weakness was persisting. Some doses of Phosphoricum acidum 200were given. By June 2011 he was almost well. Medicine was stopped. Some faltering of speech persisted. When he was very sick he became unable to drive his car but after recovery his reflexes improved again so much that he started driving his car again. He is still pulling well in 2018. His documentary video can be seen on You Tube, login as Dr. S.K. Mamgain.

I use single medicine according to the indications at one time in the minimal dose and at longer interval lest there be aggravation. Follow up is also done similarly.

The disease is always the deviation of the vital force and the symptoms are the distress call of thee vital force indicating the nature of help needed, and the law similia similibus curantur is the natural law of cure. When the indicated medicine is prescribed according to this natural law in minimal dose in potentized form only then the vital force is stimulated properly and it itself overcomes the disease and restores the natural processes of life and thus the normal health is re-established.                            Dr. S.K. Mamgain