The splendid article in the June number of the Recorder under the above heading by Doctor Shedd reminds me of an experience I had last fall, which I would like to present to those who are inclined to leave Homoeopathy, to delve in the flesh pot of Egypt , if you consider it of enough importance to publish it.

     Fred Planner had a family of five children, whose ages were two and a half, eight, eleven, thirteen ad fourteen years. One morning at the breakfast table the youngest complained of pain in the throat on swallowing; a physician was called immediately, who pronounced the trouble diphtheria, and gave it a dose of antitoxine. From the time of the administering the antitoxine the child grew worse, its throat filled up, and an incubation tube was inserted, but the child died the second day after taking the remedy. In a short time the one eight years old complained of feeling ill, but insisted upon going to school; but the parents, being frightened, gave him presents, and coaxed him to remain home, and sent for the doctor, who pronounced it diphtheria and wished to give it a dose of antitoxine, but the patents insisted that was what killed the other one and would not allow it to be used, thereupon he called in another doctor in consultation; he also recommended antitoxine. Still the parents refused to have it used, then the doctors sent to Buffalo and got a specialist to come and see the child in consultation; he also corroborated the diagnosis and treatment. The parents began to think it might have been a coincident’, the other child growing so suddenly worse after the use of the antitoxine, and having three prominent physicians recommending it consented to have it used. So about ten O’clock A.M. they gave the child a dose in the thigh, the child fighting all the time, insisting that he was not sick and wanted to go to school.

From the instant of receiving the antitoxine the child grew rapidly worse and died before twelve o’clock that night, or about fourteen hours.

      That forenoon’s work cost just fifty-nine dollars, and the parent insists that he paid that amount to have his child killed, and I am inclined to believe he was correct.

     Three days after the other three children came down, but the parents were so thoroughly frightened of doctors and antitoxine that they would not call anyone until a friend advised them to try a homoeopathic physician. So on the second day of their sickness I was called. I found two of them very sick and in bed, while the other was not so bad, and was dressed, lying on the lounge, but the parents say he was worse than the other two that died were when they called the doctor.

    They all began to improve as soon as they commenced taking medicine, and on the fifth day every one of them was discharged cured.       The remedies used in these cases were Belladonna IX, 15 drops in a glass one-half full of water, a teaspoonful every hour, and a dose of Kali bichromicum 3x trit. Every four hours at first until better, when the time was lengthened to six hours, and the day they were discharged each one received six doses of Sulphur, to take a dose three times a day. They have all been very healthy ever since.   J.R.Simson, M.D.