If you think the following cases from practice worthy of a place in the Recorder, please insert the same:

First case – A little girl, stung by a honey-bee on the finger – intense pain and swelling of the arm to the shoulder, with red streaks; as different remedies had been applied without effect, sent small powder of sugar with six drops of Calendula tincture on it, to be dissolved in half teacup of water, arm to be frequently bathed with it. Result: Pain relieved in a very few minutes; swelling disappeared.

Second case – Man came to the office with his arm in a sling; stung by a bumblebee; could not bear the arm to hang down; pain so great; applied Calendula, as above; in a few minutes left the office without pain, with use of arm in any position.

Third case – Woman stung on upper lip by honey-bee; screamed with pain; lip swollen and extended as far as the end of the nose. Calendula applied, as above, relieved the pain almost instantly, swelling disappeared in a very short time.

Fourth case – Woman stung on finger by honey-bee; in a short time not only pain, but nearly all the bad symptoms, as recorded in the provings of Apis appeared, terrible swellings in different parts of the body, with decided marks similar to hives, etc., together with threats of convulsions, drowsiness, almost coma. Treatment as above, together with two or three drops of Calendula tincture, to half tumbler of water, one teaspoonful to be taken every few minutes, internally; prompt improvement followed, entirely relieved in an hour or two.

Fifth case – A brother of the writer, who keeps bee. One of the hives being filled with combs and honey, the bees built a large size of combs on the bottom of the hive. Two of his children, aged four and six, went to the hive, the boy, by closing his arms around the mass of combs, pulled it entirely from the hive; in an instant they were surrounded by hundreds of bees; both children were stung, probably, by scores of bees. The pain being terrible, all domestic remedies being applied without effect, their life being almost despaired of. Some one suggested that I had a preparation for such cases, sent and got the remedy. Severe pain subsided almost instantly, the terrible swelling, which closed the eyes and invaded the whole body disappeared in an hour or two. Fully recovered without any particular desire for honey. Treatment same as above, but no internal treatment with the Calendula.

Of course, but few cases of bee stings prove very dangerous, yet we hear of them occasionally. The writer knew a man in Lancaster county a few years ago, who was stung on an ear, he died of convulsions in twenty minutes.

Although an advocate of high attenuation, have never used Calendula in other than the above preparations, but firmly believe Calendula an antidote to Apis.