By Eric Graf von der Gotz, M.D.

     At the present time nearly all papers, medical and lay, print daily reports or discussions on Radium. It may, therefore, be of interest to read the following experience with an infinitesimal dose of this precious metal, at this time, when weighty authorities claim that so many victims of cancer have died directly from the influence of the Radium in an overdose!

     February 22d. I was called to see Mrs. R., 50 years old. Patient narrated that she has been treated for gall-stone colic in the last year until, finally, the physician, forced by the increased attacks, recommended her to go to a hospital for an operation. It was impossible for me to decide if patient was suffering from gall-stones or not. I prescribed Nat. phos. and Mag. Phos., according to Schussler.

     Feb. 25th. I was called hurriedly for such an attack; the patient was vomiting when I reached her. Five quickly repeated doses of Mag. Phos. IX soon relieved her.

      Feb. 26th. Another attack, but more severe than the last one, not yet 24 hours ago, was again successfully relieved by Mag. Phos. IX.

      Feb. 27th. Patient suddenly in the night, at 2 A.M., was awakened by the most excruciating pains. As I reached her bedside I learned that another physician in the neighborhood had twice administered, hypodermically, Morphia sulph., one-fourth grain, but without relief to the patient. I now come to the conclusion that these attacks were brought on by something else than gall-stones, asked for all possible information and finally succeeded in getting the following data: The mother and one sister of the patient had died of cancer uteri; one brother, not long ago, had died shortly after an operation for cancer recti in the hospital of the Mayo brothers.

      This hypodermic treatment excluded all treatment per so and I gave a hypodermic injection of Radium bromide 12x, dilution prepared for me by Boericke & Tafel, of New York City.

      This dose of Radium for the relief of pains and cramps in a carcinosis constitution conform to my former observations (Feb., 1910, HOMOEOPATHIC RECORDER, Vol. XXV., No. 2), and acted miraculouly – The patient was perfectly relieved in thirty seconds, and has so remained to the present day – April 11th – perfectly free of any return of the pains, which, for nearly a year, required the constant attendance of a physician.

     The explanation of this case must be the same one which Dr. John H. Clarke, the first writer on Radium in the infinitesimal doses, gives in his book on pages 85 to 110.

     To my mind this, a priori, by Dr. Clarke, and there by myself, has accenturated the relation between Radium and the carcinosis constitution and has explained the more or less pessimistic opinion expressed in homoeopathic circles over the failures of Radium in practice!

     The symptomatology of Radium is such a perplexing one, that in my practice I use Radium only where the suspicion of possible heredity could be maintained.

     At the present time different cases of the most diverse diseases are under Radium treatment and promise brilliant results on account of established carcinomatous taind in thee families.

      If those cases fulfill my expectations I shall report same, as I consider Radium bromide 4,000,000 radioactivity, 12x to 60x, to be the most formidable and most precious weapon of the rational, i. e., the homoeopathic or biochemical physician, against cancer.