By John F. Edgar, M.D.

      In twenty-eight years of careful observation it does seem to me that it is not human, not Christian, to close one’s ears, or any receiving part of one’s gray matter, to the sounds of low or high potency as it vibrates at a medical meeting. If we are true physicians (and there should be no other kind), our duty is “to heal the sick in the easiest and the best way.” No matter who first wrote or uttered that expression, is it not true? And reverberating with it Charles Read’s “Put yourself in his or her place before you act,” or “You shouldl not want to do to others what you would not want done to yourself under similar conditions” and with knowledge, and that this age ought not to allow you to make excuses for want of knowledge. This is twentieth century and the dark ages have passed, and you should help them to pass and stay passed

Knowledge is necessary now, and “beliefs” left to the superstitious.

      And with these points before us, our duty as true women and men is to have knowledge and not “beliefs.”

      Homoeopathy is the law of cure – our gray matter being a portion of the Creator, which gives us life and intelligence, should know these things, not “believe,” not half know.

     Small doses, little pills, no potency form is a direct part of Homoeopathy. You should know, that is another law, the adjunct law of Dynamization. The selection of the remedy according to the Law of cure is the first actual duty of the physician, and by the term physician I mean one who truly is one, not one whose sole and main object is the fees and large income to be squeezed out of suffering humanity.

      The selection of the remedy! I repeat, that I honor the woman or man who thus selects it according to the law, whether he uses a tincture in water or a 3x, as well as one whose knowledge enables her or him to give the fine or finest dose. Have you this knowledge, that potency isi another law, that of Dynamization, and an adjunct to the main law? Its intelligent use comes not from “Belief” But from knowledge.

      I knew a young man of fine physique, but wore his hat on the edge of his low forehead, and who walked like Dundreary, and who listened and “believed” the eloquent teachings of John T. Temple, at St. Louis, “That less than two-hundredths was Mugwumpery?” He did not have knowledge, – he had “belief.” He never understood thee law, he simply had his “belief,”

      He could not, did not, select the remedy according to the law of cure, hence his tow-hundredths, as per his “belief,” never acted, when he had opened an office and had a patient.

      His “Belief” made him a failure, for he did not have knowledge, so he went over to the dominating school of practice as a “Toad,” to illustrate his failure as a “believer,” free of college fees, being placed upon the rostrum with the lecturer, like a monstrosity, to illustrate what they called “Failure of Homoeopathy,” when it really illustrated a “failure of knoledge” and having nothing but “belief.”

      That man has since practiced Materialism to a vengeance, and for the material harm he has done to the bladder trouble alone he could not alone for it with a thousand years of fire; like the woman in John Hayes’ poem. Do you comprehend me? Have each one of you a knowledge of the law of cure, not a “belief” I don’t like the sound of this term. “belief.” It indicates a weakness, somehow, somewhere. Putting aside the prejudice of the past centuries, the dark ages, and in each and every part of your education, do you strive to know and understand clearly each one of the Creator’s laws? As in one of my papers last year I shouwed you what is Christianity, differing from religion, and that is to know the beautiful laws of creation as the first commandment, then you can’t help but love your neighbor as yourself, as the second.

      Have you the knowledge that Homoeopathy is the absolute law of cure? Potency has nothing directly to do with it. If you have not, then go and study it till you do know. If not, take down your sign and publish that you are something else, and grope about seeking specifics, bug ideas, serums and ofganotherapys, any fashionable fad of the decade.

      Drop the pure satisfaction of knowledge of an absolute law of cure; the courage and satisfaction from that knowledge, that if the patient gives anywhere near the correct symptoms of the trouble, you can, from knowledge, absolute and unvarying, relieve that suffering, that trouble, and not be groping for some experimental mode, some fad, and all of it drug-forcings; that you cnanot be certain of, except that the eafter effects will always be harmful. Let me suggest to you a plain, keen, always clear differentiation between regular (homoeopathic) practice and irregular (allopathic and other) practice. The remedy administered acording to law, materially of dynamically , r by suggestion even, is to aid nature to restore itself, leaving no after drug effects; while the irregular practice is to drug force, and action upon the already sick organism, making a double enemy for the organism to fight, and the after results are always material.

      Whether the drug exhaustion, the drug manias, or the anaemia, etc., following. Or the supposed necessity for asepsis theory.

      Now, in knowledge have you? Do uou know? That nature is aseptic within itself? That the remedy, whether high or low potency, produces the perfect asepsis in the organism? Health itself is aseptic, and the stinks of Acid carbolic, Listerine, etc., and the color and stains of Kali permanganate, etc., the nerve injuries of Borax, Camphor and Kali chlor., are not needed.

      I repeat, do you want to do to others, for a fee, what you would not want done to yourself under similar circumstances? With knowledge, not theories and “beliefs” The death rate of the present is just as great under theory practice, and theory hygiene, and theory antisepsis, as ever it was. Statistics are made to fit the fads.

      Aggregation of large bodies of organisms, without cleanliness, makes diseases, and plagues, and deaths. For that is law,

      Study the statistics of the dominating school without prejudice, and see that forcing drug practice, and cutting out or off, what they could not cure, did not know how to cure, and who’t try to know the law of cure; and with their theory Drug Hygiene, Pus-Birus-Vaccination, Sick-Horse-Serum-Injections, etc., and it is not Favorable; not progressive, and is exceedingly expensive to State and individuals.

      I would suggest to you that in the opinion of some (many) that the Creator was a fool to produce tonsils, thyroid glands, appendices, ovaries, etc., so that the modern (?) surgeons have to cut them out for a fee.

      The thief suggests that he takes from the rich, who have too much, so as to equalize the per capita circulation. The dominating school claim that their object is to benefit the human race (?) and these organs, or things, are not necessary to health and are a menace. In other words, the Creator was a fool. That is, when thee victim has a bank account, they will cut them out for him or her. Now, not in sarcasm, but in honest suggestion, as they are nearly all (present company excepted) “believers,” why not select one of their njumber, well up in technique and with the gift of gab, and operate on him and send him over (you believers know where). And let him explain to the Creator that these organs are unnecessary and it is so inconvenient to have to cut theem out when the patient has no bank account. So that the Creator can stop making them any more, and the improved race will be tonsilless, thyroidless, appendixless, ovaryless, wombless, etc.

Don’t you see how nice that would be?

      A mechanic having knowledge of all his trade, and the natural law controlling the same, and its concomitant movements, can look at another experimeuting with his tools, and making failures, and excusing the same, and wonder why thsi man or this woman does not know all the nature, all the laws, and then always succeed.

Why do you, why do they, wilfully continue sto grope in the dark?

      A physician who knows the law of cure, wonders when he reads reports of treatment, of diagnosis, of surgery in any and all kinds of journals, he wonders why the old fad ideas and expressions are still used. Ladies and Gentlemen: Some of our colleges are improving, some are not; some of those we attended did not know and therefore could not teach the true laws of creation, for our and the whole world’s benefit.

      But it is no reason why we should not commence now and learn the truth I had to doo it. The four colleges I attended, taken as a whole, did not teach any true law of the Creator, let alone that of Homoeopathy.

The point in all of it is the correct start.

      Have we students? Do we bive them thee correct start? The correct knowledge of the laws of creation? Do we know them ourselves?

      Are we honestly in a position to go to the aid of suffering humanity with knowledge and the courage that comes from such pure knowledge?

      To know that we can always succeed; to know that we will never drug harm? To know that we will always benefit the sick person, so that they will not be sick again as soon or as liable to infection as before.

      Will never have a weak heart, any weak organs, that resulted from theory drugging. Then, ladies and gentlemen, that will come to you from knowledge of the law of cure and not “belief” in it.

     And low and high potency has nothing to do with that, for this is an additional law of equal necessity and knowledge.

      I repeat again that I honor the low potency prescriber all the time, providing he has the knowledge of the law of cure and selects his remedies solely by the law of cure and does not say “belief,” or work by “belief.”