I use Echinacea in all septic conditions with only good results. I consider it an indispensable remedy in the treatment of stomach and intestinal troubles during the summer months in both children and adults. In treating summer complaint among children I combine Aconite and Ipecac. With it (the Aconite in minimum doses), and always feel positive of getting results. The echinacea seems to eliminate the poison from the system, and sustain the vitality, giving nature a chance to overcome and throw off the morbid condition.

     In burns Echinacea works like a charm. I apply it locally as well as give it internally. If very severe and deep tissues are implicated, I use it locally, full strength, and also give it freely internally. It not only relieves the pain and suffering like magic, but seems to have a decided influence on the nervous system and reduces shock. I first apply the remedy diluted, or full strength, as the case demands, then saturate cloths with same and lay over parts loosely. Within a few minutes the patient will quiet down and drop off into a quiet refreshing sleep. By continuing the application locally and administering the remedy internally nature seems to attain greater efficiency in throwing off the morbid waste, thereby reducing sepsis of the system to the minimum, enabling the process of repair to progress without hindrance. In treating burns, great or small, never forget Echinacea. You will not be disappointed and your patient will be grateful.

     I have used Echinacea in Small-pox (discreet) with fine results. Administer internally, and when the pustules develop apply, locally, a 50 per cent solution. By using the wash it allays the itching, overcome, the foul condition of the skin and keeps down seconary fever.

    In diphtheria I use it full strength locally on the membrane, and administer it in full dosage internally. If its use is commenced within a reasonable time after commencement of the disease you can rest assured that you will get definite results.                                           Dr.E.E.Colglasier in Medical Arena.