Dr. O’ Connor said: “A remedy that has done more good in dispensary practice than any other is Borax. It is not a Homoeopathic remedy, at least I have not given it on Homoeopathic indications. I read several years ago in a foreign Journal that some one had given it with good results in the first and second triturations. I tried it and was very much pleased with it as far as it went. The patients had fewer spasms, and in one case I am inclined to think that the patient was cured, after some month’s treatment, as he has not returned. “As regards Homoeopathic remedies in my private practice, the best results that I have obtained have been from the use of Natrum muriaticum in the 30th or 200th dilution, a few doses given at first and then intermitted for a week or ten days, and renewed if the spasms return. I have almost given up prescribing for this disease upon the symptoms of the convulsion.