By Dr. A.C. Mukerjee

     Dr. Mc George, at a meeting in 1876, first presented a proving of Hamamelis conducted by fourteen persons, and all its other provings were collected by Dr. Hale. Dr. Preston, in his experiment with it in 1851, found determination of blood to the head and chest, with epistaxis. He used it, internally and externally, for varicosis of the leg. We also know that in the various forms of varicosis Hamamelis is the prince of remedies.

      These led me to use Hamamelis Q as compress with water and as liniment with glycerine in cases of varicocele, circocele, haemorrhoids, and in Hamamelis type of tumors and ulcers with success. Whenever we doubt a venous disorder, we apply it externally without hesitation and never trouble ourselves for any internal drug.

     Mrs. P. Corbit, aged forty-eight, suffering from blind piles for the last twenty years, was under my treatment last year. Prescription: Hamamelis Q, mxx; glycerine. To be applied within the rectum thrice daily and after each stool. She continued this for two months and was perfectly cured of all the haemorrhoids, which shrivelled off, one after another.

      As regards our Puls., externally, Dr. H. Chatterjee reported from Giridi: “I was suffering from iritis with periodical attack for the last three years, and had never, on any occasion, been relieved whithin a month. On the fifteh day of my last attack I used Puls. 12, lotion, as wash for the eye and was amazed to find that in a night three-fourths of the disorder cleared off.”

     If faction cures, why touch will not must be food for our conjecture? I will suggest a rule for our external drugs that “the finer the construction of the physical medium for our external drug, the finer the remedy we require.” Not only we dilute the drugs with spirits and alcohols, but our nature also tries thee same process when a crude drug is introduced into her domain, with her secreted juices.

      In my next I will give you a list of the external remedies that are being successfully used by us.