It follows that if the vaccine protects against its own form of disease whence it originated, other vaccines will protect against their own forms of disease, and to this reasonable conclusion from the premises the dominant school are driving; they now have vaccinations for many diseases besides the old one of Jenner, and more are coming, either vaccines or immunizing serums. If it is equity to compel the people to submit to vaccination against one disease it is equity to compel them to submit to all vaccinations that may be introduced by those in authority, which in time will equal in number the diseases that are said to originate from germs. Many an experienced health officer admits (if not publicly, at least in private) that very often unpleasant consequences follow the Jennerian vaccination, and sometimes death; vaccination against typhoid, now semi-compulsory in the army, admittedly causes “malaise,” and many assert it, like the vaccination against small-pox, also causes much more serious states than a temporary malaise; vaccination, or as it is termed immunization, against diphtheria, is known to have caused sudden death, and also causes a peculiar state known as “anaphylaxis,” which is akin to the hay fever condition.

       All this is a mere recital of facts; and now reasoning from thee known the unknown, it seems logically certain that all the coming vaccinations and immunizations against disease will each have its peculiar untoward effect. The public is in a state of chronic revolt against the old vaccination, and it is not unlikely that this will grow into open rebellion if more compulsion, of which there are evidences, is insisted on.

      Back of the principle of vaccination is a great and beneficent truth, or fact, namely, that it is possible to protect humanity against contagious diseases even as it is possible to cure these diseases, but it can never be done by the crude allopathic or so-called scientific methods, but must be done, even as the cures are effected, on the line of the law of similars. It is pretty safe to assert that allopathic vaccinations and immunizations are just like allopathic prescribing – as much to be dreaded by the public almost as the disease.

      Now, vaccination, immunization and prophylaxis of any sort, aside from sanitation, are as much a part of the law of similars as is the prescription of medicine for actual disease, and is as different, and as greatly superior to allopathic, or the old methods, as are the actual prescriptions of medicines. Hahnemann indicated this when he showed that Belladonna is a prophylactic to scarlet fever. The older Homoeopaths, and, later, the Iowa men, proved in practice (and the latter established the right to practice the method by a supreme court decision) that Homoeopathy afford a far safer and efficacious prophylaxis against small-pox than the jennerian vaccination – demonstrated it so effectively that some of the old school men of Iowa, it is said, have, to a considerable extent, adopted thee practice.       It follows, then, as a reasonable conclusion that there are homoeopathic prophylactics against all other epidemic diseases, and as the older school are now bent on intoroducing vaccinations against them the men of Homoeopathy should develop this almost virgin field in the domain of similia, and meet each old school preventive vaccine, or serum, with the prophylaxis of similia. Many of these are known to a few, or may be found in the old literature of Homoeopathy, but no one pays much attention to the matter. It seems time for the homoeopathic profession to bestir itself, for the old school is nosing itself into this neglected field, and for the welfare of humanity better methods, and safer than they can give, are needed.