By John F. Edgar, M.D.

Have you ever considered why the worst kind of contagious and infectious conditions – Syphilis and gonorrhoeoa – were not included in the list?

      Could there be any more heinous contagiousness or infectiousness?

     Does it compare with the eruptive abnormalities, differentiated as variola, scarlatina, measles, et al., in far reaching, destructive conditions, which it produces, especially when treated allopathically for suppression, no matter of what school of practice the practician claims to be?

     If you are care full observers, can you recognize any contagious or infections abnormality that equals the ill effects of these two, syphilis and gonorrhoeoa, treated as generally is treated, i.e., for suppression, “out of sight” until the fee is paid.

      Do you? Can you? Think that those who made these man-made laws for quarantine were inspired and directed by the same selfish motives that made the man-made “age of consent” laws of 14, 13, 12 and as low as 10 years of age.

     Doctor E.P. Mills, of Ola the, Kansas, in Aug., 1904, Medical Forum, asks, “Why should not an infected harlot be quarantined more energetically than even a variola case?” “Big pox” versus “small-pox.”

      Page 441, Oct., 1904, Medical World: A young lady betrayed by a lover, and after careful examination by two M.D.’s, and when assured that she was afflicted and inoculated with syphilis declined medical treatment, and sald “she would not spare or respect any man, but would use all her energy to spread this affliction.”

     Case 3. A young man declared that he would spare no woman that he could secure an opportunity to affect, and his acquiring gonorrhoea during treatment for syphilis demonstrated that he was carrying out his threat. And remember what this treatment was suppression only, not cure, and you can know what the effects for many generations would result.

     Be it resolved by the Texas Medical Association for Homoeopathy that we advocate and will favor any man-made law for quarantine purposes that will include all those who may acquire and become afflicted with gonorrhoea or syphilis, and it shall be the duty of every physician, or practician, druggist, drug clerk, or any layman, who shall have knowledge of any one so afflicted, or affected, to report the same for quarantine under penalty to be determined by this man-made law.