(In the Transactions of the Homoeopathic Medical Society of Ohio, 1913, is to be found a paper on this subject by Dr. C.F. Junkermann, of Columbus, Ohio. After giving what is to be found in the text books on it – etiology, pathology, etc, the essayist comes down to practical as follows. – ED. H.R.)

      My personal experience with Paget’s disease has been very limited, but the results have been very gratifying to my patients as well as to myself, hence you may take the following clinical cases for what they appear to be worth.

      CASE 1. – Mr. N. McC., age 65 years, dark complexion, slender, about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, had been for ten years suffering with Paget’s disease of the scrotum and penis, which was very annoying; painful, burning, itching and crusts formed which when removed would leave a very red inflamed surface which would then become moist and scales and crusts would reform. Many local and other forms of treatment had been used, ointments had been applied which were so strong that all the superficial surface was removed leaving the parts like raw beef. It required a little more than one year to complete a cure, the following remedies were given as they appeared indicated: Sulphur 30x, then 200x, Thuja 30x, Mezereum 6x, Arsenicum album 3x, Graphites 30x, Rhus toxicodendron 3x, and Psorinum 12x. The cure was completed and remained permanent after the last named remedy was given, this was in 1902. In this case I believe we had psora and sycosis to combat in accomplishing the cure.

      CASE 2. – Mr. Wm. H.B., age 49 years, a bookkeeper by occupation. Has an induration of the areola around nipple of left breast, nodular formation, light scales, and slight moisture, has been noticeable for about one year, experiences stinging, burning, bruised pains. Only cause patient could state was probably from leaning against his desk while at work, the desk being of such a height as to bring the pressure over the nipple of the left breast. Arnica 3x was first prescribed, after which the soreness diminished, but the hard induration and burning, stinging or shooting pains remained. Conium 6x was then prescribed, after which the tissues resumed their normal appearance.

      CASE 3. – Mr. C.L.S. age 50 years, light complected, very fleshy, robust appearance. Five years previous to his calling on me he had what was diagnosed as an epithelioma removed from his lower lip with a plaster or what he called axle grease, which left quite a deformity of the lip, and soon after the lip was all healed up he noticed an irritation of the nipple and adjacent areola of thee right breast, scales would keep forming and dropping off and the parts finally become indurated and nodules formed accompanied with pain in breast extending toward axilla, there being no noticeable involvement other than the nipple and areola. Had gonorrhoea several times many years ago, which had been treated locally with astringent injections. Has never felt right in reproductive organs since, also a mucous discharge from bowels almost daily. Thuja 30x was prescribed, the scales formed twice after taking the thuja, and in six weeks the breast appeared normal.

      CASE 4. – Mrs. J.J.B., age 75 years, medium height, dark complexion. Grandfather died of cancer of face, father also had cancer of face. Patient had not been feeling well for nine years. First deviation from health was noticed in the way of nervousness, would get weak and nervous from the least exertion, had sensation of falling forward. Imagined she was on a high building and was going to fall off. Would wake up at night with a weak feeling in arms from elbows down to hands. Drawing sensation in left leg as if too weak to raise from floor, pain around region of heart with constriction of chest, unable to breathe deeply. Aching pain about heart which would last half a day at a time. Blurring before both eyes. Left eye feels as if swelled and puffy. Neck weak, seems too weak to hold the head up. Alternate constipation and diarrhoea. Reddish scaly lesions formed about the nipple of the right breast about four years ago, and about two years later the glands became indurated turning a dark blue color and having cutting burning pains. The pains radiate from the nipple, are worse at night. Carbo animalis 30x relieved the pain. And restored the color to almost normal; Natrum muriaticum seemed to decrease the induration to some extent, under phytolacca the patient suffered no further inconvenience from the breast, but died in the South about three years later of dysentery.

      The carefully selected homoeopathic remedy for each case. gives the only hope for a permanent correction of the abnormality. Among the most frequently called for remedies you will find the following list: Arsenicum album, Arsenicu iodide, Carbolic acid, Chelidonium majus, Cicuta virosa, Conium maculatum, Condurango, Carbo animalis, Euphorbium, Hepar sulphur, Hydrastis, Hydrocotyle asiatica, Kali chloricum, Kali phosphoricum, Kali sulphur., Kreosotum, Lachesis, Mercurius corrosivus, Muriatic acid, phytolacca, Psorinum, Sulphur, Sepia and Thuja.