J. M. Goss, AM, M.D. A New Remedy. Having used this new remedy a good deal recently, I desire to call the attention of physicians to it. The first notice that I ever saw of the medical uses of Passi?ora incarnate was in the New Orleans Medical Journal, about 1839 or 1840, by Dr. L. Phares, of Mississippi. He gives some trials of this remedy, made hf Dr. W. B. Lindsay, then of Bayou Gros Tete, La. He first used it in tetanus of infants, with success. He finally reports his successful use of it for thirty years in tetanus neonatorum. -After he settled in New Orleans he extended his experiments with this remedy. That which grows on thin up-land is much the best. After using it for many years he says: “I am satisfied that it is no narcotic, as it never stupefies or overpowers the senses” I have used it frequently in eases of sleeplessness of infants, as well as in adults, and find that it produces sound and refreshing sleep, from which the patient may be awakened at any time, and if allowed, will soon fall to sleep again. I have tried it in many grave cases of neuralgia, in which it has proven a very positive remedy, in closes of 25 to 30 drops every four to six hours. I is almost a specific for neuralgia and tetanus in full doses, repeated every two hours until the subject falls asleep. The aqueous extract i a good application to chancres and painful ulcers and open cancers; also erysipelas. It is very soothing to painful piles, and aids in their cure. For new burns and scalds it perhaps has no equal. Dr. Lindsay used it in syphilis, and commends it highly in that disease. Prof. E. M. Hale, than whom there is no closer observer, says: “I have found Passiflora prompt to relieve erysipelas. He says, also: “I have used it in ulcers with advantage; also in neuralgias and tetanus.” He says it has never failed to ours tetanus in horses for him. For horses, the dose of the ?uid: extract is from 8 ounces to 1 pint, repeated if necessary. Dr. J. H. Phares, son of Dr. L. Phares, says that the inspissated juice, reduced to a powder, is the best “preparation. As a soporific, the concentrated extract. if properly made, would soon supersede Morphia. I have used it in doses of 25 to 30 drops of the aqueous extract even in children, but I have never seen any alarming hr unpleasant effects from this medicine. It should be gathered in May and made up.

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