F.L. Juett, M.D., Lexington, Ky.

      This being a remedy that has served, not only myself, but the homoeopathic profession, so faithfully for the last century, that in my search for some subject to write upon have selected this remedy. Not for one instance thinking I can tell new symptoms or uses for this faithful friend, but hoping to draw attention to some conditions and symptoms that may remind my hearer of some great good this remedy has done for them in many instances forgotten and the wonderful relief given their suffering patients.

     Rhus is classed by Nash as one of the very restless remedies, restlessness extends through all conditions, in which this remedy is best indicated. Patient is quiet only for a few minutes at a time, and may, when pain is severe, keep almost continuously upon the move, answering, if asked, that the aching is so great that one cannot keep still.

      Well do I remember in my early practice being called in to see a patient. Had chill during earlier part of day and temperature 1030, pulse 118, and seemingly afflicted with what was then called “Grippe,” aching so severe that could not lie still, and saying that he ached so that he could only lie in one position for few minutes, ans was relieved by changing position, but only for a short time; and a prescription of this remedy in a very short time relieved him and next day he was recovered enough to be up and about home, and there was early and complete relief of all symptoms and a hurried return to perfect health.

      One desire I have is that you will note how this restlessness is an accompaniment of all conditions in which this remedy is indicated.

      Considering symptoms of sensorium, there is great vertigo in any position on rising, sitting, standing or walking. The memory is impaired for very facts, nor can one remember what lie wishes to write. This obtains mostly in fevers. It is characteristic of Rhus on shaking heads or jarring, there is a sensation that the step or the jar concusses the brain.

      In the eye conditions profuse gush of tears and intense photophobia may call for Rhus. Jaws have a cramped like pain and creak or snap on motion, constant desire to yawn almost as if jaws would break. Tongue is dry with brownish dry coat through center.

      Many times you will find this remedy indicated in bronchitis and pneumonia; even in early stages of bronchitis where there is dry cough. Remember one patient who has attacks of bronchitis, when I first began treating would have frequent attacks each year, now three or four years apart, does not call me, but asks for same prescription that I always gave.

      I Pneumonia I think best indicated in case after patient has taken on somewhat of the symptoms presented in typhoid. One symptom I especially call to mind is in long continued cases the temperature does not fall and patient begin to recover at time he should.

      Do not forget that Rhus has many skin symptoms, burning and itching with small watery blisters, burning and itching is intense so that as you watch patient he or she will be continuously rubbing or scratching the part afflicted. There comes to mind as I write a case where an elderly lady at the home when I was calling on her grandchild came in with eczema, back of hands and arms up’ to elbows, face and neck red and skin thickened and broken out- and how continuously she rubbed this surface. Tongue dry and coated. She was restless and could not stay quiet long. Gave her Rhus Tox. And remember how quickly she recovered from the trouble. She had had recurring attacks since womanhood, one slight recurrence in about eight years, and one prescription relieved her entirely in a few days. Some relief is often received by bathing eruptions on skin in very hot water, just the opposite to sulphur where itching and burning are increased by bathing.

      Rhus Tox, has many symptoms that would cause one to think of it in erysipelas of the face and nose, swelling and soreness, blistering and dark bluish in color; sore about mouth and around, nose. Not only of face, but any part of the body where such an inflammatory condition appears with such symptoms, including restlessness and brown strips through center of tongue and white on sides.

      One symptom that Kent especially calls attention to is paralysis of lower extremity. Children at play will sit on cold, wet ground and show symptoms of helplessness of lower extremities. They will be returned to perfect health with this remedy.

     Bretonneau, of Tours, was among the first to use and recommend its use in paralysis of lower extremities succeeding consussion of spinal marrow, but not destroying tissue.

      In closing will sum up some of the most typical symptoms for using this remedy. Conditions arising from getting wet, living in damp houses, rheumatism brought on from getting wet, from being in damp places; pain gradually increases until patient must move, and better on continuing to move for a short time; then must rest.

      Kent says pain in shoulder and back on lying or sitting down worse on beginning to move, but improved by warming up. Pain in back better by lying on something hard. Sciatica is included in this list of aches and pains from becoming chilled or getting wet, weakened tendons and muscles from sprains.

      Restless and general appearance of a typhoid state- aching and soreness and history of better from motion and having gotten wet- will make only a fair picture of the great remedy. As relief for Rhus poisoning – Durham says Sepia, but for last ten years I have used Croton Tig. 30x exclusively.