By Dr. Martens, Lueneburg.

The present communication is caused by the cure of several cases of nervous asthma. In all the four cases here adduced a longer or shorter allopathic treatment had preceded, consisting chiefly in the prescription of Iodide of Potassa, Bromide of Potassa, Quinine, Atropin, and the inhalation of vapors of Spirits of turpentine and Ammonia, etc. In one case (IV) also a climatic cure at the sea-coast had been tried for some time without any success. I may add that I did not use in the cases cited any hydropathic measures. The cures may, therefore, be designated as purely homoeopathic.

CASE I – On the 4th of last August there appeared in my office a young man, twenty-three years of age, who, for two full years, had been troubled with asthma. According to his statement, this developed with considerable violence after a forced foot-tour, followed by a cold bath in the river. An objective examination showed that the upper air-passages were perfectly free; on the chest, whistling noises were heard. There is, on the whole, but little cough; a little tough, grayish white mucus is thrown out during the coughing. On the chest there is a strong sensation of constriction and oppression. The asthmatic trouble is worse in the morning; it is very apt to come on when he is in a room where there are many men. The patient also suffers from headaches appearing periodically with a sensation as if the head was expanding. I gave him argentum nitric. 5. D., five drops, three or four times a day, and the patient felt easier in a few days. I last saw him a week ago, on the 14th of September. His dyspnoea had altogether vanished, and I am of opinion that Argentum nitricum, which he is now receiving only twice a week, and in the fifteenth potency, will complete the cure. The headache also has quite disappeared, since he began the use of Argentum.

CASE II – In this case Capsicum was the remedy which affected the cure. This case occurred three and a half years ago. The young woman in question was about twenty-two years of age. She was scized with asthmatic oppression every three to four weeks, three to four days at a time. Even before her marriage she had suffered from asthmatic dysponea to a slight degree, but these attacks had become worse after an abortion. There was always a disagreeable smell from her mouth; during the attacks there was a cough with very ill-smelling breath, also a sensation of chilliness and cold in the body. It was relieved by the expectoration of mucus.

CASE III – A woman, sixty-five years of age, had been suffering for fifteen years from asthma; there was also in this case some emphysema of the lungs. The attacks of dyspnoea appeared, especially, about midnight, and were attended with great anguish and palpitation, followed by a sensation of weakness, In the chest there was a sensation as if it was constricted. There was relief from expectoration of mucus, which was sticky, and slightly salty in taste. There were also attacks from violent exercise and from going upstairs. On the chest there could be heard a rattling of mucus, which was discharged with difficulty. Arsenicum alb. Produced a considerable relief. On account of the mucus, which was difficult to bring up, I afterwards alternated this remedy with Ipecacuanha. The general health was much improved. Owing to the age of the patient and her general weakness, we can hardly expect a full cure in this case.

CASE IV – In this case I was led to the suitable remedy, especially by thee nature of the mucus expectorated. I was called on September 5th to see painter Z., forty-three years of age, and found him still suffering from his attack. These attacks have appeared for almost four years, and appear frequently two or three times a week, and then almost always early in the morning. The expectoration is of a yellowish white color, STICKY, VERY TOUGH AND HANGING FROM THE MOUTH IN LONG STRINGS. In the morning on waking up he is frequently hoarse, his voice is rough. The attacks are apt to come on in wet and cold weather. Kali bichromicum at once gave relief; the attacks appearing less frequently and with less violence. After seven or eight weeks the trouble was entirely cured and has not returned since. I may add, that in all attacks of asthma I first give low potencies, the third to the fifth decimal, in frequent doses; after relief has set in, I give higher potencies, the tenth to the thirtieth decimal, and less frequently, mostly two to three times a week.