The Good Prescriber

SOME LINES OF MATERIA MEDICA By Isaac W. Heysinger, M. A., M. D.

“Let me write the songs of a people, and I care not who writes their laws.”

They say that Materia Medica Is as hard as a stone and as dry as chalk, And so is the single rule of three, Or learning to walk alone, or talk; But if there’s a thing you are dying to say, Or something to grab for inst out of your way, Or bills to make out for your debtors to pay, You will ?nd it as may as easy can be, For your heart and soul are in it, you see. And so of Materia Medica, If you felt that through its living force Your business must fail, or else succeed, You would master it as a matter of course; You would study its problems night and day, Like the stake of a. gamhler‘s feverish play, And you never would lei it get away; ‘Tis more than this to a doctor’s need, For of all his harvest this is the seed. These rhymes of Materia Medica If you will but spare the time to read. Perchance may answer your amrious call; Perchance may serve in your time of need, To bring the knowledge that comes to stay For the specialist is ?ne in his way, The work of the surgeon is far from play, The diagnostician by no means small, But the “good prescriber” is best of all.

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