An eminent homoeopathist in Philadelphia was called as a consultant in a case of diphtheria. Carbolic acid was prescribed, and the child was apparently doing well, but an influential relative prevailed upon the parents to demand the use of the antitoxine.

     A “specialist” was called in, antitoxine given, and in eighteen hours the child died. Not with standing the adverse testimony, antitoxine is generally accepted as a specific for diphtheria by the profession and especially by the laity, chiefly owing to the “press,” subservient to the dominant school. “Who has ever seen a press notice of any of the adverse testimony in re-antitoxine. When a death occurs it is owing to there having been something wrong with the antitoxine, or it was not given soon enough, or a bubble of air got in at the injection. The serum treatment has a fast hold amongst the laity. Already some of my patient is inquiring for the serum for hay fever, and it is not improbable that a serum prepared from the bacillus of fatigue may be stated to have induced one or our “Weary Willies” to apply for work. It will take many more fatalities before antitoxine is consigned to the cemetery for tried-and-found-wanting-specifics. A doctor recently informed me that he had injected $36 worth of the serum in one small family, chiefly as a prophylactic. Think of the commercial interests back of this practice. In the present state of public sentiment if a case of diphtheria dies without the use of antitoxine aspersions will surely follow and the homoeopathist who objects to its use will be regarded as a “crank” a “stagnant Homoeopath.” Since a certain number of cases of the malignant type are likely to die under any treatment, the homoeopathist should recognize such cases early and having set forth the fallibility and dangerous sequel of antitoxine suggest its use as a “denier resort” that it may not be said when too late that every means had been tried to save a life.

                                                                                                      Dr. J.Fitz-Mathew

Author: Dr James


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