By John F. Edgar, M.D., El Pase, texas

      Divesting ourselves of prejudice and superstition, we could and should learn as many of the true laws of creation as possible.

      The astronomer, the geologist, the botanist, the true electrician (not just the lineman who can string a wire or make splices).

      All these come nearer nature. Come nearer being true human beings than the one who lives and follows in the ruts he or she was born in.

     If a Baptist or Methodist, etc., don’t know why or how, or the differentiation’s, only that his or her parents were so. Also a Democrat or Republican, not that he or she knows the physical differences further than “one party is in power, and the other wants to get in.”

      Homoeopathy is the law of cure, and one of the absolute laws of creation; of itself it has nothing to do with the small doses, “little pills,” any dose, but with the selection of the proper remedy according to the law. As I have always said, I honor the physician that understands this and lives it, whether he uses tincture in water or 3x or 6x dilutions, or the one whose knowledge is further matured so that he or she can succeed with the minimum dose.

     The first adjunct law is the law of Dynamization; that shows there is no end to the divisibility of matter; and that there is a potent power more curative brought out in this fineness than is in the crude preparations.

      Herein the small dose satire can be correctly used; that is, if the person using it does not care to give away his or her ignorance of natural laws. That small doses relate to the law of Dynamization and not direct to the law of cure.

The second adjunct law is the law of dose; ans it is “the inverse ratio of its Homoeopathicity.”

I am Indebted to P.P. Wells for this definition.

      Also to William Owen, whose practice was with rather crude remedies, but he uttered from his innate knowledge: “That when you have selected the remedy it does not matter how fine the dose may be.”

     Let me add a little explanation: The finer and closer you have selected the similimum the finer the preparation of the remedy that should be exhibited and corresponding to the fineness of your gray matter. And the less fine you have made the selection, the less fine should be the preparation, attesting the degree of or lack of fineness of your knowledge and perception. Again, what you have lacking in perception and knowledge you needs must make up with the coarser application.

     The third adjunct law is Magnetism; Hahnemann, in the latter part of the Organon, touched a little upon that subject and included Mesmerism, which, although a fact, does not cover all the law, and has not been regarded with the best of reputation.

     Hypnotism is this power through suggested sleep, and somnambulism, controlled by the stronger will of the operator, when used as a palliative, or an aid to the curative remedy.

Magnetism proper is through all creation and is a power.

Is a part of the all force. It is evidenced in gravitation; cohesion, affinity, etc.

      All creation, force and matter; the matter resulting from the original force, and that force we speak of as the creator. It is the life and force of everything, from the lowest inorganic to the highest organic.

     When I state to you that there is no end to the divisibility of matter (in the first adjunct law mentioned) it is a grand thought for you, all of you, so always keep in memory.

      It is not a theory or fad, but a truth. Always has been, always will be. Many of the so-called scientists became very egotistic because they have discovered more than one alkaloid in a certain element, or plant life, force.

     That has always been and always will be. Organism and inorganic elements are not of just one independent thing. They are all multiple and they are all dependent upon, or attached, more or less, to every other thing created. I could explain this on out much further, but never to an exhaustiveness, and will return to the magnetism, and especially what we may nosologize as animal magnetism, and is the third adjunct law to the law of cure.

      I restate that it is part of the life force. Also, that nothing created is of itself alone; selfishly alone.

      All inorganic elements, or salts, have their affinities and their necessities. There are male and female in all things.

      No man or no woman is complete within her or himself. The God-given attributes within require their affinity. This condition is more universal than just the marriage relation to make the complete man of both male and female element. It must be correctly mated.

      The life force of the two parts must flow together for the common good; in their thoughts, in their presence together at the table, in the room, in the same house.

      It is a necessity for pure life. This is not only with the marriage relation, but with the social and family relations, and the medical, surgical and all other relations of life. If we (you) succeed at these meetings we must have affinity for and to each other for the general good.

     As organisms, through some baleful influence, which I have attributed to superstition, we have not and many are not now living the true natural life. Male men make smoke-houses of their mouths; use products of decomposition (as vinegar or alcohol), wash away or ignore the gifts of their consorts. And the female man has been wearing her clothing wrongly for centuries, when she could have kept in fashion, and yet followed natural law, if she would only learn how.

      Has done many things even worse than her male consort, and thus both have gotten their life force, and the magnetic part of it, out of true normal flowing and usefulness. Those they are mostly in contact with are not restful and soothing. They are irritating, “rubbing the hair the wrong way.” Are you with me? Any of you?

      Mothers who did not want their child at conception, and during gestation, undertake afterwards “ to make the best of it,” with undue, uncalled for slavery and attentions. Too much attention! Not teaching the child to be self-reliant and wait on his or herself; to be prepared for the separation later, and the duties to, and duties from, the next relation of marriage, love and a new family started.

     These are one set who have abnormal magnetism, and as it goes from bad to worse, you as physicians (I mean true physicians, not the ones up to modern times with fad appliances, theories, and show of implements and apparatus to get the money out of suffering humanity) you come across cases that are below par very much so.

     The extra surplus life has been exhausted and the actual necessary life drawn upon almost to bankruptcy. You are truly educated; you approach nearly to the ideal of knowledge of, and knowledge of how to apply the law of cure. You try hard to select the similimum; you may use some wrong expressions, may be print them, i.e., “the best homoeopathic remedies were administered.” That is not true, even if you had tun the gamut from the crude strength to the smallest fine dose, from aconite to Zincum. For the true homoeopathic remedy will always cure in some strength.

This is not belief, but knowledge and courage from that knowledge.

Something in the similimum you have not recognized.

     I claim that frequently that lack is in the abnormal state of thee magnetic current in that patient. I have seen it below par. Have also seen it in excess. If the physician is not a user of stimulants of any sort, tobacco being worse than liquor, and Cocaine still worse, she or he may be able to help up, or reduce, in this patient so that the selected remedy of some strength will take hold and cure. But the main point I want you to comprehend is the recognition of this condition as part of the totality of the symptoms. Section 18 of Hahnemann’s Organon.

     To recognize it as a cause, that must be removed, so that the patient has a chance to get well. The remedy have an opportunity to act.

     Or that in removing the person (generally the mother) who is absorbing the life force, gy her excessive magnetic force, and replace with a nurse or companion whose magnetism is soothing and helpful. I have seen wives take all the living strength away from their husbands, not by their marital relations, but by their presence in the same house, even if separate bed.

And husbands take all the vitality from the wife.

      But the most observation I have had has been with mothers who did not want the child at conception and during gestation, and who afterwards gave too much devotion. Attention and close companionship.

      Ladies and gentlemen: This has gone beyond theorizing with and in my observation. I have demonstrated it beyond theory. Have helped by its knowledge, and able to see its help, or its lack want you to recognize this truth.

      Hahnemann in the latter part of the Organon gave just a glimpse of this force and attached it to the then fad of Mesmerism, but he had done so much for the world’s good already, more than any other discoverer of the Creator’s pure laws had ever doe before, and so far has done since, that we shall not blame him for not completing this thought.

      I ask all of you, members of this Society, to help, think this over, try it and report. I ask this in earnestness, for you to study over this thought carefully for a year and let us know what your thoughts are, your observations, your conclusion.