A man, aet. 40, was suffering for five weeks with severe stitching and burning pain in the back of the throat and below the Adam’s apple, especially on swallowing; he felt at the same time stitches darting towards the ear, and burning pain toward the shoulder. Partaking of food or drink, even in minute quantities occasions indescribable distress. Violent thirst, constipated. There is nothing abnormal to be seen in the throat beyond a slight reddening of the tonsils and surroundings. Speech is indistinct and through the nose. Petroleum 6, one dose morning and evening, repeated on the third and sixth day, affected a complete cure. In three similar cases of inflammation of the palate, of a dry as well as mucous nature Petroleum also was curative and that speedily. – Rueck. Kl. Erf.I., p. 538.

PROVINGS- Sticking in the throat when swallowing; scraping and scratching in the throat; the inner throat feels as if swollen: sensation of soreness in throat as if ulcerated; on swallowing some of the liquid is forced up the posterior nares; considerable itching in the throat, extending to the ear, on swallowing; sore throat with swelling in the throat, with dryness in mouth and throat so as to take away the breath in the morning.