A man aet. 38, with black hair, of excitable temperament and troubled with foetid foot sweat, frequently is afflicted with a morbid affection of the bladder on getting cold feet; this is more especially the case in winter. Thus he was troubled last winter with frequent urging to urinate mostly during the day, but he had also usually to get up twice a night for the purpose. The urine, at first very light in color, was tinged darker of late; it even became blackish at times. It also was of an ammoniacalodor then. At the same time he was troubled with dumb pain drawing from a molar tooth on the right side of the cheek bone. After giving several remedies without result, Petroleum 30, finally proved to be curative of his entire morbid condition. Hearing recommends it is enuresis; Raue, for weakness of the neck of the bladder, occasioning dripping after voiding the urine.

Allopaths give two to four drops of crude Petroleum, two to four times a day, in deficient activity of the urinary organs amounting almost to paralysis, also in retention of urine resulting there from. They also recommend its external inunctions into the peritoneum and mons veneris  (Michaelis). It is also recommended in involuntary voiding of urine, in consequence of affections of the bladder (Feichtheimer), also in chronic dropsy, in consequence of deficient activity of the kidneys (Voightel), and right here comes our own Dr. Buchner’s recommendation of Petroleum in morbus Brightii. Just as Balsam copaiva, Turpentine and Kreosote, can produce morbus Brightii, so Petroleum also can produce it, and Buchner differentiates it for morbus Brightii, produced on a gonorrhaic basis, the more so if in presence of fistula ani. Urinary anomalies, red sediment in urine with a shining skin floating on top, brown urine very foetid and of strong ammoniacal odor, with discharge of prostatic juice. In uch cases Petroleum strongly competes with Thuja.