In February of this year, early one morning, i was called to see a lady, 84 years of age, who was said to be very sick. On arrival I found her trying to vomit, each paroxysm causing most excruciating pain in the region of the appendix vermiform is; there was some effort at purging, but of no volume; there was a rise of one degree of temperature, great anxiety, death-like pallor.

Magnesia carb. Neuralgia infraorbitalis on the left side, worse at night (tearing, digging and boring in the cheekbone. – (H. – F.). He has to get out of the bed; sensation of tension, as if the white of an egg had dried on the skin; chilliness; worse from walking, from touch and from change of temperature. Swelling on the cheekbone with pulsating pain therein. – (H. – F.).

Magnesia phosphor. Supraorbital pains on the right side, intermittent, aggravated by touch and pressure, at night; alleviated by heat.

Manganum acet. Neuralgia of the tongue, nocturnal, burning pains; alleviated by fresh air.

Mezercum. Neuralgia of the zygoma (nervous inframaxillaris) of the blended nerves, periodically from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.; boring, pains like lightning followed by numbness; aggravated by heat. Contraction of the muscles of the face, salivation, formication, chilliness; after the abuse of mercury. (Prosopalgia on the left side, from above the eye to pupil, the cheek, the teeth, the neck and the shoulder with lachrymation; the conjunctiva is injected; the parts are sensitive to the touch; neuralgic pains coming on quickly and leaving behind them numbness in the parts affected; worse from heat. – H. – F.)

Natrum mur. Cases caused by malaria and having their seat in the upper cheek (the zygoma). This remedy is indicated in proportion as it suits the constitution. (Prosopalgia returning periodically, especially after the suppression of fever, pale face, great thirst. – H. – F.).

Nux vom. Supraorbital neuralgia: caused by malaria.

Platina. Piercing pains in the zygoma. Numbness, sensation of enlargement; with hysterical women with excessive menstruation. Reflex neuralgia with women with uterine troubles. (Sensation of coldness, numbness and pricking in one side of the face (right). Convulsive pain, constant compression, feeling of numbness and of boring in the bones of the neck. – H. – F.).

Pulsatilla. The pains begin in the teeth and change their location; tearing, jerking with nervous excitement; in irregular intervals; worse when chewing, speaking, or from hot or cold things in the mouth, in the evening, and from heat. After the abuse of Quinine.

Rhus tox. Neuralgia supraorbitalis on the left side; burning, drawing and tearing in the face; sensation as if the teeth were too long; restlessness.

Sepia. Intermitting pains, twitching pains; like electrical discharges, directed upwards; congestion towards the eyes and the head.

Spigelia. The best remedy for facial neuralgia with sympathetic pains in the eye on the left side; periodical; the pains appear and disappear quickly; aggravation at noon, amelioration in the evening. Transitory palpitations; lachrymation and redness of the eye on the side affected. Sudden lancinating pains, tearing, burning shooting in the eye, in the cheek bone, the molars. Aggravation from moisture, touch, pressure, improvement from taking a walk. Useful after abuse of Quinine.

Stramonium. Great excitement; contractions all over the body. (Nervous prosopalgia with furious pains, convulsive thrusts and jerks through the body; throwing the arms upwards; the skin on the forehead is wrinkled. Pain in the cheek near the left ear, as if the bone was bing sawed in two; the muscles are in an oscillary motion.– H. – F.)

Sulphur. Chronic cases after the abuse of Mercury, or from swamp -fevers. Aggravation in the morning and the forenoon.

Verbascum. Often very useful. Lively pains, darting like lightning, pressive, mostly right sided. Aggravation from 10 A.M. till 4 P.M., through motion, in talking, sneezing, through droughts, change of weather. Redness of the face, salivation and lachrymation.

Zincum. Suborbital neuralgia, burning, twitching, lancination, bluish eyelids, sensation of constriction of the throat. Aggravation in the evening, from wine, through motion, through the slightest touch; cold perspiration of the forehead; vertigo.

Locality of the Pains

SUPRAORBITAL: Agaric, Chelidon., Ignatia, Kali bichrom., Magnes. Phosph., Rhus, Stannum.

ROOT AND DORSUM OF THE NOSE: Agnus cast., Phosphorus.

EYES: Agaricus, Cimicifuga, Gelsemium, Spigelia.

UPPER EDGE OF THE ORBIT: Lachesis, Gelsemium.


INFRAORBITAL: Argent. Nitr., Bellad., Caust., China, Cimicifuga, Colocynthis, Gelsem., Magnes carb., Phosph., Zincum.

TEETH: Mercurius, Silicea, Staphysagria.

LOWER JAW: Calcarea, Cimicifuga.

ZYGOMA: Colocynthis, Hepar, Magnes. Carb., Mercur., Mezereum, Platina.

It will be well to give:

Aconitum for the fever in the beginning with redness of the face, restlessness, numbness and formication.

Spigelia: Lancinating pains on the left side, with aching of the eyes.

Mezereum: Pains especially in the zygoma.

Staphisagria: Neuralgia in carions teeth.

Cedron: Clearly Pronounced periodical neuralgia.

Arsenicum and China: Neuralgia from malaria.

                                                                                                              G.E. Dienst, M.D.