By Dr. J. W. Sparks, Kansas City, Kansas

      Radium is one of the new discoveries in the field of medicine. It was discovered in 1903, by M. and Madame Pierre Curie, French investigators, who, at the time, were studying uranium; they had succeeded in isolating the mineral, Polonium, and an because of its wonderful radiating power.

      This element gives out light, heat, and gases without any appreciable loss of weight.

      Light therapy, up to this time, had received quite a considerable amount of favorable comment, therefore it was immediately supposed, because of its wonderful energy; Radium had solved the problem of many skin affections as well as being a cure for cancer. But, sorry to say, a great many of the hoped for results have been marked failures, while, on the other hand, some remarkable cures have resulted from the use of this remedy. Radium treatment, for a time, was greatly advocated, and resulted in its being tried or tested on animals and plants. These as the active force and its internal use was not thought of until 1904, when the homoeopathic investigator decided to try a preparation known as Radium Bromide, which is the most active of the Radium Salts.

      The result of experiments and, confirmation by clinical cases are varied. And here is where the homoeopathic method of proving a remedy on the healthy human being saved Radium from the long list of valuable remedies discarded by the observer, who only looks upon the clinical results produced by a remedy, and who does not foresee that experiment on the healthy and testing on the sick are counterpart of one another.

      In the development of this drug each observer should constantly look for some unusual, as well as long lasting, symptoms, thereby adding to the sum of our knowledge of this drug in the cure of the sick.

      For the preparation of a potency of this powerful remedy we have to thank Mr. Armbrecht, who prepared attenuation of Radium Brom., and the 30th potency of this salt is the one most commonly used and the one from which nearly all provings have been made.

      The first prove of Radium was M. Curie himself, who made a test by binding a very minute particle of the salt, enclosed in a rubber capsule, on his arm. He left this capsule on his arm for a period of ten hours and when it was removed the skin was red and inflamed, a marked dermatitis existing, which soon began to slough and resulted in a wound which took four months to heal; and he still had the scar at his death. It was about the size of a half dollar. Around the edge the skin was puckered and discolored. Another exposure of thirty minutes resulted in a wound that did not heal for two weeks. Another exposure of eight minutes resulted, after the lapse of a period of two months, in a mild dermatitis that soon cleared up. The fact that some time elapsed before that appearance of the irritation and the length of time required to heal the ulcer should be noteworthy points in regard to the action of this remedy.

      In proving often a long period of time elapsed before the symptoms appeared, thus indicating a deep acting remedy of long duration.

      Another point well worthy of notice is the tremendous energy thrown out by this drug in its ability to throw central disease out upon the skin. Possibly an antipsoric effect. Hence the Homoeopaths will find indication for its use in skin diseases and kindred affections. Authorities say they have known warts to disappear after two or three applications of the rays.

      Under Radium rays plant growth and development are checked, ferments lose their power, protozoa are first stimulated and then die, culture growth are arrested and then die. Shelled organisms are more resistant. In animals, development and regeneration are retarded; red corpuscles lose their hemoglobin and salts into the serum. The central nervous system is peculiarly sensitive to the reaction of Radium, and found animals are more susceptible than older ones. Radium placed near the head of a mouse resulted in paralysis and death and irritation of thee conjunctiva. Radium first produces a dermatitis and erythema, followed by pigmentation. (The above is the data contained in medical literature to date.)

      Provings (1). Mr. A. B., aged 50, blue eyes, nervous sanguine temperament, in good health.

April 22, 1904. Took six globules Radium Brom. 30

      April 26. 4th day. Two white patches on penis, one at root, and one at right side. Patches covered with white scales, and proved to be of the nature of psoriasis. They cleared off and then appeared on other parts of the organ. They recurred for months; no abnormal sensation in them.

      May 2. 2th day. Shivery: bilious stool; pale and more frequent. This condition lasted three days.

May 5. 14th day. Much mucus in nose, no color.

      May 7. 16th day. Bowels very relaxed, stool in loose bites, almost watery, darker in color. Condition lasted for many days, until July 27. Tongue sore. A callosity on inner side of right found to be almost gone, and disappeared in two or three days and did not return.

      May 19. 28th day. Eyes smart and looks red; this condition reappeared several times. But cleared up about June 7.

      June 5. 45th day. For a few days skin of face has been irritated; today very much so. Condition gradually became worse and lasted for over two months. The skin became thickened and when scratched, which gave the most relief, exuded a clear moisture. The condition was aggravated after shaving and after washing, relieved by very hot water, worse at night when warm in bed, prevented sleep, and a pocket handkerchief had to be applied to absorb the moisture. The sensation was an intense itching.

      June 12. 52d day: For several days past has had pain under left scapula. It seemed better on the 2th. But upon waking on the 12th, was worse; relieved by motion and after rising.

      August 5th. 88th day. Small nevus of the canceroderm variety about center of chin to right middle line has turned black. In a few days this scaled of and the nevus was cured.

      August 7th. 92d day. Skin could be rubbed and scratched without causing any oozing. In a few days it was possible to resume the daily shave.

      August 29th. 112th day. A slight recrudescence occurred and Rhus ven. Was taken. The same thing occurred the following spring after motoring. At times during the proving there was slight inflammation at the umbilicus.

      In conclusion, you will find Radium Brom. Useful in acne and kindred diseases of the skin, trachoma, cancer and constipation.

(1) The Keynote symptoms are: Worse at night and when warm in bed; itching.

(2) The eye symptoms, because the eye belongs to the same developmental area as the skin.

(3) Right sided.

(4) Antidote: By Rhus venenata.