By Eli G. Jones, M.D.

     On February 2d, 1994, a lady came to my office; she walked with a cane and was heavily veiled. As she sat down in the chair it seemed to me that she would hardly have strength enough to rise again. She lived just outside of the city and was over fifty years of age. Upon raising her veil to let me examine he face, “it was a sight to see.” An epithelial cancer starting from the corner of the eye, extending over the nose, involving the upper and lower eyelids, then extending down the face about two inches below the lower eyelid. The eye itself had begun to be affected by the cancerous humor and it would, in a short time destroy the eye-sight. She had been operated on four times by the surgeons in this city; they also tried X-ray, then gave the case up as incurable. In addition to the cancer she had suffered with a lameness caused by fracture of the hip and injury to the back in a trolley accident five years ago. This condition of things made it necessary for her to go with a cane and part of the time with a crutch. I told her that her case was curable, that I could not only cure her cancer but improve her general health and help her lameness. The location of the cancer in the corner of the eye made it absolutely necessary that the local application should be of such a nature as not to cause any pain or inflammation. All the so-called “Cancer Plasters” could not be used in this case for the reason just given. She had confidence in my judgment, for she knew I had cured a sister of hers eighteen years ago of cancer of the breast without causing her any pain or making any sore and the cancer had never troubled her since that time. I began the treatment of this lady by applying “Cerate Phytolacca folium” (made by Boericke & Tafel, the juice of the fresh leaves mixed with vaseline) on soft linen cloth to cover all the diseased surface of the face. This application to be made night and morning. Every time she changed the salve to bathe the surface round the eye with warm water and Extract Witchhasel equal parts; take a little time about it and continue the bathing for several minutes at a time. Internally, I gave her Calcarea Phos. 3x, five tablets, three times a day, and Silicea 12x, five tablets, three times a day, the Calcarea phos. to be taken before meals and Silicea after meals. In a week’s time there was some improvement in the case; she never suffered any pain from the treatment and the Phystolacca folium cerate did not inflame the eye. She slept good every night without any hypnotic or nervine, her appetite improved and she began to feel some stronger. The above plan of treatment was continued without any change for three months. At the end of that time she could walk without a cane or crutch, the cancer had entirely disappeared from her face, the color of thee skin was natural and healthy, like the rest of the face. At the present date, November 30th, I am satisfied that she is cured of the cancer. It is considered almost a miracle by the many people who saw her as she was before beginning my treatment. The great secret of success in thee treatment of cancer is in being able to adapt your treatment to each particular form of cancer you happen to meet. In my thirty-five years’ practice I have treated all the different forms of this disease, both external and internal, and I have never found any two cases just alike. That is the reason why so many doctors fail who try to cure all forms of cancer with a “plaster;” it is a pure, unadulterated form of quackery. In 1869 I started to test cancer with the idea that it was merely the local manifestations of a blood disease. In all the years since then and in treating cases of cancer from twenty-five States of the Union I have never seen any reason to change my opinion. The fact that a large percentage of the cases that come under my treatment have been operated on by the knife or caustic without any treatment for the blood proves to me that a purely local treatment for cancer will never cure it.

     I have never seen a case of genuine cancer in any form permanently cured by a surgical operation. The profession will never cure cancer while they continue to treat it as a local disease. Acting on this theory, they applied the X-ray to kill the cancer, but I have yet to see a single case of cancer cured with it. Since January, 1904, I have over forty cases of cancer where the X-ray had been tried and proved a failure. The treatment of cancer is a specialty, the same as the “Eye and Ear.” No physician should attempt such work unless he has a taste for it and made a special study of it, and will make the treatment of cancer the business of his life. Not one doctor, I presume, in one hundred cares to work over “ old sores,” and the smell of a cancer when it gets “ripe” is not pleasing to most men.