“Do you ever stop to think, you liberalist in Homoeopathy, where our system of practice would have been to-day had Hahnemann, Jahr, Hartmann, Boenninghausen, Hering, Dunham, and other bright and shining lights in Homoeopathy, the men who made it what it is, followed out your ideas and practices and called upon Homoeopathy in the simpler conditions only? Did they not succeed better with their applications of Aconitum, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Hypericum, Ignalia, Arinica, Bryonia, and other similar and tried and proven remedies for various conditions of pain and distress than you are to-day succeeding with the coal-tar derivatives and the opiates and the salicylates, etc., Of the old school? Could they have forged the links in the chain which has made Homoeopathy a substantial, living, breathing and growing system of medicine had they mottled it and marred it and daubed it all over with the practices of the old school, the Eclectics and others, under the guise of being “Liberal” Homoeopaths? Do we not all know that it would have been utterly impossible for Hahnemann to have set the Homoeopathic ball rolling properly had he clogged its wheels with the mire of Allopathic methods from the start? And will it do for us to-day to suggest that we are better Homoeopaths and better practitioners, and that we get better results than Hahnemann and the Homoeopaths of the first half-century of Homoeopathy? It is but too true that we do not as often get the treatment of the severer diseases as we would if we followed more closely to the line of the law in the selection of our remedies.

“But, beyond all and above all and over all we need more of the study of the Organon and Grauvogel and Dunham, and more of the practice of Hahnemann and the carly fathers of the system to which we claim to owe and hold allegiance. This given and the opiates and coal tar derivatives and proprietary remedies generally relegated to the place and field to which they honestly and properly belong, and we will surely have a revival in Homoepathy which shall shake us from Europe to America and the isles of the sea, and which shall make us better Homoeopaths, better practitioners of medicine, better helpers of the people. The Homoeopathy of Homoeopathy’s fathers is what we need, and speed the day when we have more of it and a better article than is in use now by either the extreme or crude men of our profession.”- Fisher, Medical Century.

That’s straight talk. Dr. Fisher, and the men of Homoeopathy cannot aid it better, if they want this revival of homoeopathy, than by subscribing to the proposed new translation and edition of Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases. If two in every hundred Homoeopathic physicians are willing to subscribe the work will be re-issued, but if these cannot be found after a diligent search the matter will be dropped, for it would be financial foolishness for any one to put his money into a book of this nature after failing to get a sufficient number of subscriptions to pay for paper and type-setting.

The terms on which it is proposed to issue this great work are as follows: An entirely new tranlation will be made of the whole work, the pages of the book will be of a size uniform with the English edition of the Materia Medica Pura, the paper will be a first-class machine finish, type and printing first-class, binding, half Morocco; the volume, it is estimated, will be of about 1,300 pages; the subscription price is eight dollars net, delivered postpaid, and payable on delivery.

All that the publishers ask is a sufficient number of subscriptions to guarantee them against serious loss; as soon as these are received the work will be pushed through as rapidly as possible. Don’t wait for others to subscribe, but subscribe yourself through your pharmacist or direct to the proposed publishers, Boericke & Tafel, 1011 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.