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Cutaneous Larva Migrans (Creeping Eruption)


Infections caused by nematode larvae which never develop into the adult stage and migrate through various body tissues. They commonly infect the skin, eyes, and viscera in man. Ancylostoma brasiliensis causes cutaneous larva migrans. Toxocara causes visceral larva migrans.

Site: Buttocks, Sex: M, Age: 6 months, Type: Clinical, Morphology: Linear


Serpiginous rash of subcutaneous burrowing tracks on right buttock extending down to right leg.


  1. Impetigo: Impetigo is an acute, highly contagious gram-positive bacterial infection of the superficial layers of the epidermis. Impetigo occurs most commonly in children, especially those who live in hot, humid climates. The name is believed to be derived from the Latin impetere (to assail).
  2. Tinea Pedis: Tinea pedis is the term used for a dermatophyte infection of the soles of the feet and the interdigital spaces. Tinea pedis is most commonly caused by Trichophyton rubrum


  1. Generals: This 6 months old child presented with an itchy spreading eruption on one buttock. The rash shows the typical features of cutaneous larva migrans. The rashes left a whitish (Leukoderma like) patch on the right buttock. Perhaps his bare buttock has come in contact with sand or soil contaminated by the dog or cat hookworm in animal feces. Severe itching. Eruptions looking like variola appearing along a line, as Herpes zoster does, but as if sparing the nerve branches.
  2. Mentals: Very irritable, impatient child. Trouble child, more than Chamomilla.
  3. Personal History: Recent vaccinations.
  4. Mind-Irritable, impatient ill-humored, nervous.
  5. Skin-Hot and dry. Pimples and blotches. Eruption like variola.


Vaccininum (vac.) (Nosode-From vaccine matter)

Vaccine poison is capable of setting up a morbid state of extreme chronicity, named by Burnett Vaccinosis, symptoms like those of Hahnemann’s Sycosis. Neuralgias, inveterate skin eruptions, chilliness, indigestion with great flatulent distension (Clark). Whooping-cough.


Prescription on 10-10-2011
Vaccininum 200 one dose, Sac lac thrice daily
Prescription on 20-10-2011
Follow‑up, observations, and prescriptions: Almost same condition. Vaccininum 200 one more dose, Sac lac thrice daily
Prescription on 01-11-2011
Follow‑up, observations, and prescriptions: Much better, Sac lac thrice daily
Prescription on 11-11-2011
Follow‑up, observations, and prescriptions: Cured, No medicine.