In chronic diarrhoeas of a mucous nature with abdominal pains, such as fluxus hepaticus and coeliacus, especially in phlegmatic subjects, Petroleum is almost a sure remedy. One dose is often sufficient to regulate the disturbances in the abdominal viscera; the dose may be repeated a week after. – Eventualiter. (Lobethal.)

A robust man, aet. 22, of sanguine, choleric temper, was afflicted for four years with diarrhoea, stupid feeling in the head, vertigo on stooping, aversion to meat, especially to fat, much thirst, a bitterish sour taste in the mouth. Nausea after eating; sometimes vomiting of green and bitter substances. A sensation of coldness in the belly; violent cutting pains in the abdomen, as if with knives, also pinching which extends to the chest Pains are lessened by doubling up. Sudden violent pressing to stool; must go quickly; afterwards relief, but very much exhausted. Had seven to eleven operations in twenty-four hours. Stool watery, yellowish, followed by burning in the colon. Great prostration; stool also at night. Out of humor, dejected. Gave Petroleum 18; two days after the action of the remedy was manifested by the discharges being painless. Within four weeks almost all disturbances of the digestion were better, but Phosphor. And Calcarea were needed to complete the cure. – Rueck. Kl.Erf. I.,84I.

A man, aet. 30, of sanguine, choleric disposition, inclined to be a hypochondriac, had formerly been through an attack of gonorrhoea and syphilis. This was followed by a chronic affection of the abdomen, an enteralgia combined with diarrhoea. This readily occurred after every slight cold or on getting wet feet. During the cholera epidemic he complained of a continuous pressure in the pit of the stomach which radiated towards the back and chest, and up to the throat. Cupr.30 inwardly, and a copper plate on the pit of the stomach, cured the attack. End of October of last year I was consulted for the following conditions: Patient awakes at night with violent colic, coupled with continuous urging to stool. He voids but small quantities of a brown mucous fluid. During the day occur also several stools more substantial, with tenesmus. His mind is very much disturbed, and he has terrifying dreams at night. The attack was brought on, without doubt, by drinking cold beer on the preceding evening. On October 30th I prescribed five doses of Petroleum 30. His condition improved, but on account of the persistent tenesmus I interposed one dose of sulphur 30, whereupon he received, on November 23d, six more doses of Petroleum 30. Patient enjoys since then excellent health, and especially is the improvement apparent in his Jovial frame of mind. Hirschel found Petroleum very effective in the chronic diarrhoea accompanying tuberculosis. His observation was also verified afterward by other practitioners.

PROVINGS – The action of Petroleum on the intestinal tract is very extended. We shall also draw attention to the marked indications of helminthiasis, so pronounced in the proving Pinching in the abdomen and diarrhoea during the whole day. He awakes at 4 o’clock in the morning with violent cutting in the upper abdomen with nausea and purging. Cutting in the abdomen as from a cold, and diarrhoea with pressing stool dysenteric. Has for two days cutting in the abdomen. First voiding of faeces, followed by bloody mucus with little faecal matter. Diarrhoea with colic. Watery stool with pains in the abdomen for six days. Feeling of weakness with the diarrhoea. Voiding of much bloody mucus. Frequent stools consisting altogether of bloody mucus, with great prostration. A veritable picture of cholera presented itself. Continuous vomiting with profuse diarrhoea; stools finally consisted of water and blood and shreddy intestinal substances. Face pale, cheeks bluish. For itching in the anus in haemorrhoidal subjects Hirschel recommends Petroleum 5.