Some of the earlier writers in medicine mention the use of bitch’s milk as a remedy, but we owe its modern use in medicine to Homoeopathy, where it fills a very useful and pretty well defined place. It is not a little remarkable that the weak points in the organism of the dog should correspond to the region most affected in the human economy by proving of this substance.

      The tendency of Lac caninum symptoms is erratic. To wander from place to place, but in doing this they almost invariably change from side to side, be the disease what it may. This is especially true of the throat manifestations. Objectively the parts may present almost any appearance from a simple angina to tonsillitis or diphtheria. As a matter of fact, this repeated changing from side to side happens in recurrent tonsillitis oftener than in any other throat affection. For this type of sore throat it is the only remedy I know of.

      In diphtheria the membrane is very often of a glistening, china like whiteness, and the mucous membrane of the throat also takes on this glistening or varnished appearance. (Apis, Kali bichromicum.) Cracks often appear in the angles of the mouth and nose.

     This alternation of sides is not restricted to the throat by any means; it is not unusual in the female sexual organs, first in one ovary then in the other, or they shoot from one to the other. Here Cimicifuga leads all other medicines, but if the concomitants agree Lac caninum may be indicated.

     Before we leave the female sexual sphere I wish to call your attention to the great usefulness of this medicine in drying up breast milk. Sometimes, for various reasons, you may find your self compelled to stop the flow of milk, and it will be one of the pleasures of your practice to do this without resorting to the nasty practice of applying camphorated lard or Belladonna ointment, like the old school. If Lac coninum, in the rapidity of its action should form a few nodules in the breasts, Phytolacca will speedily disperse them.

      The Lac caninum patient is exquisitely sensitive, overwrought and full of all kinds of horrid imaginations: she thinks she is tormented by the presence of snakes, dreams of them, is terrified by them. She fancies her body is loathsome with disease or that she has some poison or other in her system (Lachesis, Vipera). She even don’t want her fingers to touch each other, so she keeps them spread apart (Lyc. Sec. c.). This sensitiveness extends to the retina, which retains impressions of objects long after the eyes have been turned elsewhere, like Nicolin and Tuberc. Lac caninum then presents the very useful combination of throat and sexual symptoms; one that will come up in your work pretty often, and when it does you will do well do well to look this remedy over very carefully. Sore throat coming on and passing away with the menses should attract your attention. (Mag. C.) menses are sometimes green.

The symptoms are very apt to be worse on the morning of one day and on the afternoon of the next. In a general way it reminds one very much of Lachesis.