Proving of BHINDI – Lady finger- Okra, Abelmoschus esculentus, known in many English-speaking countries as ladies’ fingers or ochro, is a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is valued for its edible green seed pods. The geographical origin of okra is disputed, with supporters of West African, Ethiopian, and South Asian origins. The plant is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions around the world.  

Mind; anguish; heart complaints, in
Mind; anguish; palpitation, with
Mind; anxiety; daytime; amel.
Mind; anxiety; night; agg.
Mind; anxiety; night; agg.; children, in
Mind; anxiety; children, in
Mind; anxiety; epistaxis; with
Mind; anxiety; heart complaints, in
Mind; anxiety; palpitations; with
Mind; anxiety; pulsation, with
Mind; anxiety; sleeplessness, with
Mind; company; agg.
Mind; crowd, in
Mind; darkness; ailments from, agg.
Mind; delusions, imaginations; animals, of
Mind; delusions, imaginations; attacked, is going to be
Mind; delusions, imaginations; bugs, insects, of
Mind; delusions, imaginations; delirious
Mind; delusions, imaginations; snakes
Mind; delusions, imaginations; snakes; in and around her
Mind; fear; night; agg.
Mind; fear; air, open; agg.
Mind; fear; crowd, in
Mind; fear; palpitation, with
Mind; fear; alone, being
Mind; fear; alone, being; night
Mind; fear; animals, of
Mind; fear; apoplexy, of
Mind; fear; bugs, insects
Mind; fear; dark, of
Mind; fear; door; closed, lest the door should be
Mind; fear; flies, of
Mind; fear; poisoned; being
Mind; fear; scorpions, of
Mind; fear; snakes, of
Mind; fear; snakes, of; venomous, of, at night
Mind; fear; spiders, of
Mind; indifference, apathy; surroundings, to
Mind; weeping, tearful mood; children, in
Head; pain, headache; pressing; vise, as in a
Eyes; retina
Eyes; detachment; retina
Eyes; glaucoma
Eyes; glaucoma; chronic
Eyes; pain; nail, as from a
Eyes; pain; tearing
Vision; scotoma
Hearing; impaired; descending stairs
Face; convulsions, spasms; during
Face; movements; difficult, lips
Face; paralysis
Face; paralysis; lips
Face; paralysis; jaws
Face; paralysis; jaws; lower
Face; trembling
Face; trembling; lips
Face; trembling; jaws
Mouth; mercury, after abuse of
Mouth; ranula
Mouth; salivation; dryness of mouth, with
Mouth; salivation; mercury, after abuse of
Mouth; salivation; paralysis; with
Mouth; salivation; pregnancy, in
Mouth; salivation; thick
Mouth; salivation; viscid, sticky
Bladder; inflammation, cystitis
Bladder; inflammation, cystitis; coition, after
Bladder; inflammation, cystitis; women, in
Bladder; inflammation, cystitis; women, in; newly married
Kidneys; addisons disease
Female; tumors; uterus
Female; tumors; fibroma, myoma
Female; tumors; fibroma, myoma; uterus
Heart & circulation; anxiety; with
Heart & circulation; excitement; agg., emotional
Heart & circulation; palpitation heart; excitement, emotional, agg.
Extremities; paralysis; edema, with
Extremities; paralysis; hands
Extremities; swelling; hands
Extremities; swelling; legs
Extremities; swelling; edematous
Extremities; swelling; edematous; upper limbs
Extremities; swelling; edematous; hands
Extremities; swelling; edematous; lower limbs
Extremities; swelling; edematous; legs
Extremities; trembling; paralytic
Generalities; daytime; amel.
Generalities; glands, liver, spleen etc.; mercury, after abuse of
Generalities; crowded places agg.
Generalities; descending; agg.
Generalities; descending; agg.; stairs
Generalities; food and drinks; cold; food; desires
Generalities; inflammation; lymphatic tissue, lymphangitis
Generalities; inflammation; nerves, neuritis
Generalities; inflammation; nerves, neuritis; muscles, and corresponding, neuromyositis
Generalities; inflammation; nerves, neuritis; multiple
Generalities; intoxication, after; mercury
Generalities; motion, motions; during; downward
Generalities; pain; nail, as from a
Generalities; pain; pressing; vise, as in a
Generalities; trembling; paralytic
Generalities; tumors; muscles, myoma
Generalities; tumors; cystic, steatocystoma, steatoma

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