Aloes: The first remedy I wish to call your attention to is Aloes. This remedy is seldom thought of by those who have already made a diagnosis of rickets and perhaps it would not be so well indicated at that stage, that is, when such a diagnosis would be reasonably certain. But I believe Aloes is an antipsoric, having many symptoms like Sulphur. When this remedy is indicated, there is usually a rise in temperature with dry lips, tongue dry and red, with thirst. Diarrhoea, character of stool not so important, but is worse after nursing, worse in the morning, in damp weather, with gurgling in the abdomen; pain before and during stool. Child is peevish, hard to please and cries at least provocation; not as cross as the Chamomilla child. I am afraid chamomilla has often spoiled a good Aloes case, but the symptoms accompanying the stool should differentiate it from Aloes.

Baryta carb: this remedy is more often called for in the older child with granular enlargements. Child looks old, weakened, mental and physical weakness, no desire to play, wants to lie down often, eyelids inflamed, loss of appetite. Diarrhoea with much urging, rectum sore, with expulsion of pin worms. Profuse sweats on first falling asleep, mostly on left side of body and head, bad smelling foot sweat, with soreness between toes (Sulph). Sweat especially in the evening.

Calc. carb: This is a remedy whose symptomatology is so well known to you all that I will not repeat many of them here. The open fontanelles, profuse head sweats, retarded dentition, with its enormous appetite, whitish, frothy diarrhoea, always worse during the last quarter of the moon, when convulsions are liable to occur from worms (Sil. And China in the new moon). Feet sweat, but the oder is not bad like Baryta carb. and Sulph. Hand do not sweat like the Sil. Child.

     The indurated glandular enlargements and tendencies towards suppurative conditions are better met with Calc. fluoricum which has cured large, hard periosteal swellings, accompanied with great tenderness so that the least covering was unbearable.

Phosphorus: In experiments on young animals, Phos. has produced rickets. Now what more do we need for a good homoeopath? I think we need a good deal and we have it in our other remedies, and if they have been carfully selected, the case will never get to that state, where Phos. will be necessary, except in the case of early bronchial troubles, which may be the beginning of the rickety condition, but it is in the badly treated or far advanced cases that Phos. will be of such great value, and it is not necessary to give it in material doses either.

     The necrosed bone, or digestive derangements with vomiting diarrhoea distended abdomen, open anus, accompanied with the hunger and thirst as characteristic, will respond to the 200th and higher potencies much better than to the crude drugs. This poor sick, almost disintegrated child needs to be handled with care. We may have to change our potency to fit the peculiar condition of each child, but you will find it much safer and surer to begin high and go lower, if needs be, than to overdo it, and likely spoil the case by beginning with the crude drug or 6x even. To go into the finer indications of the remedy, would be out of place here. I have called your special attention to Calc. c. and Phos.

Dr. Byron I. Clark,