It is not often you hear from me and if you did it would not materially increase your happiness. The Recorder comes regularly and is read oftener than twice. I am still holding n to pure and simple Hahnemannian Homoeopathy. No antitoxin, no serums, no vaocination! The indicated homoeopathic remedy is good enough for me. When I see the new medicine some so called homoeopaths included I remember the Greek said; “Whoever the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

     Mark twain says: “Most of us are more or less insane and that accounts for many things.” Darwin wants us to accept the apes for our ancestor. The Chicago scientists say that in seven hundred years we will be plumb crazy. Vondergolz wants us to accept biochemistry, not to remember that the proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof. I say, away with all the inane name invention and classification that confuses thee younger and some old ones. The world will get along all the same. Solomon says, to be happy in our labors, as that is out part in life and nothing else. Dr. Shedd says; Hoch achtungovollgfropft (he must have learned his German in the United States).

      All these wise sayings aim at the truth, and some that come after us will do likewise; it is a long time yet till seven hundred years run off.

      Common sense and common honesty, said Washington. Love they neighbor, said the greatest among men.

     What I have seen of treatment since I am in Armored is absolutely horrible in most cases.

     Will send you soon a report of a case of lupus vorax cured with homoeopathic remedies, and another of epithelioma on face and chest (no fin-sen light, no radium x-ray or any charlatanism). I present the patient (cause, condition, complication) with the medicated remedy, high or low, as the case demands.


Author: Dr James


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