I take pleasure in forwarding to you the particulars of a Case, which I believe should have a tendency to prove the efficiency of Homoeopathic treatment when properly applied.

On the 16th inst., at 10 p.m., I was called to see a very finely bred bull terrier bitch, thirteen months old, weight about twelve pounds. She was in great pain, apparently from some intestinal disturbance. Upon inquiry I learned that the animal had been suffering since 3 p.m.

The owner’s opinion was that the animal was poisoned, two dogs having died very suddenly the same week.

I diagnosed the case as one of colic, there being no symptoms of anything else. The animal was in great agony, she would howl and yell from pain. When lying down she would gather herself together and look around at her flanks very anxiously. The intervals of quientness were very brief. She would suddenly spring up, run to and fro (she was chained to the wall), with her back arched, hind parts drawn under, howling and yelling.

I presscribed Colocynth 30, a dose every ten minutes. On account of constipation I gave injections of warm water and soap.

No relief following this after two hours, I gave Opium 30, a dose every ten minutes; this I continued with for two hours, but no relief followed.

The pain being so intense, and fearing the animal would soon become exhausted, I gave her one-sixth grain Morphia; this having no effect in fifteen minutes, I gave another dose of one-third grain; this caused vomiting immediately of undigested meat, also about an ounce of Castor oil, which was given to her before I was called. The relief thus given to the stomach did not seem to lesson the pain, so I gave another dose of Morphia, one-third grain.

I waited for a half hour, and gave two-third grain. After waiting another half hour and the pain being as severe as ever, I gave another two-third grain dose, and left the animal for the night. This was at 3:15 a.m.

I called to see the animal next morning at 7 a.m. She seemed to be worse than on the day previous.

She was still in great agony, constantly whining and yelling.  As she had no stool yet, I gave her an injection which brought about two passages in about ten minutes.

About 8:30 a.m., the pain not having subsided in the least, I gave her one grain of Morphia. The only effect of this dose was to be seen during the intervals of case, the animal would stand quiet for awhile, close her eyes, and fall head foremost in a heap; she would immediately recover herself and howl from the pain. She continued in this condition for about four hours. I was now very much discouraged. About this time I had occasion to visit Dr. A. R. McMichael, of 969 Madison Avenue, to whom I related the case. After learning the symptoms of the case, he advised me to try some Magn. Phos. 2x, with which he furnished me. He assured me the animal would obtain relief in an hour or two. I commenced with the Magn. Phos., about 4 p.m., one tablet every ten minutes.

No relief having been afforded in two hours, I ordered two tablets every fifteen minutes. At 8 p.m. the animal had improved greatly. At 9 p.m. the animal was sleeping quietly and apparently all well. Were it not for the great amount of Morphia given, I think the animal would have been relieved much sooner by the Magn. Phos.

I called the following morning at 7 a.m., and found the animal all well, and showing a great desire for something to eat. The animal at the present time is in the best cndition.                                                                    M. KENNY, V.S.