By Ralph Bernstein, M.D., Philadelphia, Pa.

      There can be no question, in this modern age of ours, of the ability of the properly selected homoeopathic remedies to bring about the desired results in the treatment of cutaneous affections. The differentiation of the remedies upon the finer and minuter symptoms is often difficult, but if once found there is absolutely and unalterably no reason why the dermatose in question should not be relieved and ultimately cured.

      The savants of all Europe, and the would, in fact, are crying aloud to-day and scrambling eagerly and anxiously to acclaim that the homoeopathic law is a true law of scientific achievement. The testimony of the laboratory and research workers, not only or our own school, but of the dominant school as well, are likewise showing definitely and proving conclusively beyond the shadow of a doubt that Samuel Hahnemann, over one hundred years ago, was right.

      It certainly has been proven scientifically by hosts of laboratory workers that a physiological dosage of any drug if given persistently will reduce the opsonic index; it will decrease the antibodies, if you please; it will destroy the very antagonistic serums which nature is striving on her own part so heroically to manufacture in order to combat disease. And it has just as scientifically been proven that the sub-physiological or homoeopathic dosage increases the opsonic index, increases the antibodies, increases and assists in the making of antagonistic serums, so that the body is more enabled to combat disease.

      With all of this, in the treatment of dermatologic manifestations by its infinitesimal and far-reaching effects, it increases the vitality of  the body covering, makes the soil unfertile for the bacteria to live and thrive, so that they soon cease to exist and are compelled to seek other hunting grounds, soon to be ruthlessly forgotten in the deep oblivion.

      The sooner one gets over the erroneous idea that the indicated remedy is of no service in parasitic skin affections the better it will be for him, especially from the dermatologic stand point. It will be interesting to note that the authorities of the dominant school are now, from time to time, asserting in their literature that there are decided changes in the economy as well as locally resulting from trichophyton fungus infection, so that one can readily see how it is that the indicated internal remedy can have an influence upon purely parasitic skin conditions. This not only holds true in trichophyton fungus infections, but as well in all types of micro-organic skin diseases.

      The dermatologic remedies should be given in the higher potencies, especially when one is desirous of getting their finer and far-reaching effects. True it is that some remedies act better in their lower dilutions, experience alone determining which potency it is that does the better work.

      It has been my practice to give the indicated remedy in the more chronic dermatoses but once during the twenty-four hours, and that at bedtime, because it has always appealed to me that night is the best time to administer the indicated remedy for the fact that then the body is in an absolute state of quietude; and if the remedy be administered just before retiring, there is, by the time the patient is calm in the arms of Morpheus, a greater absorption going on because the body is in a more or less fasting state and elimination at the same time more or less delayed; in other words, it is then that the patient’s entire economy is being affected by the remedy, and there are no other activities going on to detract from its infinitesimal and far-reaching influence. It is because of the indicated remedy’s selective influence that it should be given every opportunity to have full sway and not be detracted from its errand of amelioration and mercy.

      Now there is much that we can do to assist the action of our remedies. There is one thing which I have always done, and that is, insisted upon patients with dermatologic affections drinking copiously of distilled (or boiled) water. Distilled water, because it is soft and pure water (having been robbed of its mineral properties in the process of distillation) acts as a solvent of bodily ptomanines and toxines, stimulates the kidney to healthy activity, and helps the body as well through its urinary and gastro-intestinal tracts, to get rid of its many poisonous toxines.

      Seek then, find the similia, watch patiently for results, and become a stronger and more devoted follower of the teachings of Hahnemann.