By S. W. Roger, M.D., Newton, Kansas

      The remedy producing or capable of producing in the human system effects similar to the symptoms of the disease. These remedies are derived from the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms.

      Not only tested or proved in the healthy human organism, but potentized, by dilutions and triturations, after being selected by the pharmacist, the chemist, the zoologist, the botanist, who, in addition to these qualifications, possesses an honest purpose to supply preparations, not only in the strictest purity, but. Also in the exact form or quality called for by the exact homoeopathic physician.

      The simillimum, especially of the nosodes and minerals, is not an idem \or isopath. Not the same as the substance from which it is produced, but a dynamized, developed, penetrating preparation with an affinity for the diseased tissue from which it was taken, carrying with it a healing process by which the diseased organs are quickly, safely and permanently restored. Dilutions, potencies not dynamizations.

      It has been demonstrated that certain tissues have an affinity for certain drugs. When an infinitesimal quantity of silver, for instance, is taken into the system, it may be found in certain tissues of the brain, and always there, when nowhere else.

      Tissue cells have the power of selecting missing elements from the blood stream if there in ever so minute quantities. The similimum supplies the missing element and the world has no greater benefactor than the medical practician who is well versed in the law of similar.

      It will be seen, from the above, that the efficacy of the small dose and the capability of the human system to appreciate and utilize the highly potentized remedies, are facts, based, not upon a vagary of the imagination, but upon the most modern and accepted truths.

      Every department of the physical world is governed by certain unalterable laws, the discovery and practice of which have enabled researchers, by leaps and bounds, to reach the present eminence in sciences.

      The most radical of the dominant school would admit that the poisonous effect of Mercury, Quinine, Salicylate of Soda, Iron or Strychnine is remarkably similar to the disease for which it is prescribed or has the power to cure. Yet they choose to remain blind skeptics of the law, wading through marshes of serum and viruses after non-existing specifics, to the great detriment of their patients.

      The eminent Ostler once said:- Nobody has ever claimed that the mortality among the homoeopathic practitioners is greater than that of the regular school. But the claim of less mortality among the real scientific practitioners has never been publicly denied.

      This is an age calling for quality and efficiency and no one in any position is justified in supplying anything different from what the applicant calls for, prays for and pays for.

      The head of the family, the mother of children, the babe in the cradle, yea, the maid servant, the man servant, the ox and the ass have a right to remonstrate against the innumerable death dealing toxins and narcotics of the present day.

      There is no greater field for sanitation than the human life stream and the simillimum is capable of becoming the great Saviour and redemor of the public health. The law of similars, being infallible, and reliable, not only deserves universal recognition in our struggle for purer constitutions, but is an abchoma, cancer, pellagra, insanity and any number of undiagnosable lesions arising from spontaneous retro cession of diseases and the application of erroneous and unscientific methods.