“Echinacea is a remedy that should not be forgotten in fevers. My experience has been such that I can lay claim to the wonderful results that some claim for it in febrile conditions. In measles, chicken-pox and scarlet fever it seems to exert a powerful influence, not shortening the attack, but the diseases run a very mild course and leave no bad after effects. If you give Echinacea angustifolium in scarlet fever you should never fear having it complicated with nephritis or any other complication.

“Many physicians claim more for the remedy in malarial fever than others, and I can only say this about the remedy: I have used it in twenty cases without one failure; the disease would soon be under the control of the drug, the chills would not return after several days use of the drug, and the patients could return to work as if they never had been ill. If the remedy is continued several weeks after the fever is broken up, they will have no return of the trouble, as the remedy seems to entirely rid the blood of the malarial plasmodia. I have watched the blood very closely while giving the remedy, and have found that the red and white blood corpuscles increase in number, and the blood gradually becoming free from the plasmodium.” – O.L. Massenger, M.D., Eclectic Medical Journal.