On the 15th of June the little daughter of a postal officer was carried into my office. She was two years old; and had her left hand lancinated a year and a half before on account of an abscess; six weeks ago her left knee swelled up and in a week it was lancinated, and so again a week and four days ago. It had been vaccinated haled a year ago. A former child of this Same couple had died four years ago when only eight weeks old, from convulsions, marasmus and summer complaint.

     The little patient was pale, somewhat emaciated and could not stand up, because her left knee pained her; she kept this slightly bent, and on its inner posterior edge there was a moderately raised, diffuse swelling, covered with reddened skin, about the size of a nickel; it was of pretty soft, elastic consistency, not cohering with the bones; it showed two scars and one cut still open, about half an inch long, from this there was a discharge of a moderate quantity of thin, yellowish, flaky pus. I could not discover any points of pain according to welhe’s method, but a Hutchinson cavity in one of the incisors pointed the way to the treatment required. I gave Syphilinum 1000, one dose, and I directed that the wound was to be washed morning and evening dried off with raw cotton. I directed the application of a universal healing ointment to be tied up with styptic cotton. This is my usual way of treating wounds and I have found it to act well even in well advanced cases of blood poisoning, also assisting in restoring the function of the limbs affected.

      On July 1, 1994, the little patient came walking into my office; the mother told me that the wound had healed up, but for some days again it had been discharging pus. According to Welhe’s points of pain, thuja was indicated, so I gave her a powder containing some pellets of the 200 potency, directing her to dissolve it in four tablespoonfuls of water and to take for two days a tablespoonful every morning and evening.

      On March 23, 1995, the mother again presented to me the little girl with the warmest thanks. The child was now well-nourished, and with red cheeks, and could freely move the knee that had been affected. Three weeks after the second prescription, the sore had forever ceases to suppurate; the skin is somewhat contracted in that place, as if from a scar, but it is no more red and has grown to the sinew. When the mother first brought the child to me, the surgeon wanted to split the abscess open and scrape it clean. It is possible that the abscess would then have healed up, but the toxins in the body would not have allowed it to remain in health, and would probably have necessitated surgical operations in other parts until the vital forces would have been exhausted.

Such a success in a case in which lancination had been found necessary in two places on four different occasions is well worthy of observation and proves that great things may be accomplished with a few remedies in high dilution, when we are able to find out the cause of a disease.

                                                                                                   Dr. Goehrum, Stuttgart.