Shroen declares Petroleum to be the best clap remedy, but administered crude in drop doses. Trinks also corroborates this statement. The predominant affections of the neck of the bladder is however, a characteristic of this, remedy. In individuals who have frequently contracted gonorrhoea, and who have been treated with injections, in case of a repeated infection, the neck of the bladder is strongly affected, and if Petroleum meets such conditions it is suitable affected, and if Petroleum meets such conditions it is suitable in the most intractable cases. At times we meet with a fine, scarlet granular eruption on thee prepuce in cases of gonorrhoea, such as we find mentioned in the proving. With regard to the disintegration of the urine, Petroleum resembles Acid. Nitric.  

Jahr finds Petroleum serviceable in several kinds of gleet; an observation which I can corroborate from experience. In such cases, however, I find it most effective in a higher potency (mostly the 30th).

PROVINGS.- Has to urinate very frequently and but little at a time. Voids urine twice as often, and voids much more liquid than he drank- involuntary urinating. Pressure on the bladder, he is urged to urinate ten times of an afternoon, and considerable time always elapses until some urine comes.

Burning of the urine. Burning in the neck of the bladder at the beginning and the end of urination. Violent contraction in the region of the bladder, on both sides of the lower pelvis, especially while urinating; during the cramp the flow of urine ceases.

The color of urine is dark-yellow; blood-red and turbid brown. Smell: Very foetid, smelling like ammoniac; sour foetid smell. Sediment: Copious red sediment, after some time deposits brownish clouds; has a white sediment. Flow of mucus from the urinary duct, burning pain in, towards evening; sensation as from ejaculation of semen.