By Dr. J.C. Fahnestock, Sea Breeze Ave., Palm Beach, Florida

      Staphisagria has quite a wide sphere of action among acute as well as chronic sickness.

      In a few words I shall call your attention to just a few of the prominent conditions of this most valuable remedy. Staphisagria is rich in mental symptoms and it is all important that they are well understood. I say important – for it is the mental symptoms or the impressions that are made upon the mind that in turn are reflected to different parts of the body that gives us the proper knowledge for a definite selection of Staphisagria. You will read in the mental symptoms, “Great indignation about things done by others or by himself.” “Grieves about consequences.” You will see by this expression that Staph. Is suitable to cases brought on by pent up anger, or grief, and often a silent “grouch” runs through the case.

      Patients requiring Staph. Are very irritable, excitable, at the same time not boisterous, at least it is rarely shown, and with this irritability, fatigue, which is due to his pent up emotions.

      A slight insult causes a regular breakdown, goes all to pieces, they will tell you of troubles, silent troubles, silent troubles, which has unfit them for business, can’t sleep, trembles all over, brain fag, exceedingly nervous, prostration and headache. Just think how often you have found such cases in sexual perverts, those that constantly dwell on sexual subjects and how greatly improved by Staph.

      Staph. is sometimes called the “newly wed remedy.” Some women suffer severely after the first coition, not only bodily, but mentally, with a constant urging to urinate.

      Last summer a newly married widow (young) came to my office and complained bitterly of a constant desire to urinate. “Why, I am obliged to urinate every ten or fifteen minutes day and night – for the last two weeks.” Any pain? “No, just have to go all the time.” Staph. 30 promptly cured.

(Burning in the urethra when not urinating often points to Staph.)

      In young women the suffering is bodily and mentally and quite often by questioning closely you will find the external genitals have always been sensitive and especially when sitting.

      External parts are so sensitive can scarcely wear napkin during the menses. It does not stop here, but there may be inflammation of the ovaries with stinging, burning, and a pressing down sensation.

      Often found in those that masturbate, and they constantly dwell upon sexual subjects. In just such subjects Staph. is golden.

      In babies a mental condition that is not pent up is frequently found, the baby gets angry, which is followed with screaming, ugly, pot-bellied children, and especially when they suffer with their teeth, which turns black, gums swollen, tender to the touch, Staph. is a Godsend to these little unfortunates. (They generally have a history.)

      There is a nervousness that runs through all the complaints that requires Staph.; The nervous system is in a constant fret.

      Don’t forget the state fret. Troubles that are brought on by supposed wrath or insult and is followed by a constant fret.

      After anger or insult often comes on a colic or diarrhoea, which I have seen promptly stopped with Staph.

      When symptoms agree you will find Staph. Frequently required for the after effect of sexual excesses, self abuse, etc.

      There is often found hardenings of certain tissues, styes, which leaves hard nodosities (chalazion), hardening of ovaries, testicles, prostatic glands, of tonsils. Arthritic nodosites.

      Just take an hour off each day for a week and read what wonderful things Staph. can do.