By Dr. Granow, Frankfurt, A.M.

     Marie A., the wife of a brewer from Sachsenhausen, twenty-two years of age, consulted me June 27, 1906, on account of drawing pains and rumbling in the abdomen. She had sought for relief from various sources without success. People now were telling her that she had a tapeworm, and she was almost inclined to believe this. Now she had heard about me and had come to ask me to treat her, as she had heard that I had moved to Frankford at the request of the united Sick-benefits. She was one of their patients. I of course wished to investigate her case. An examination of the stomach the liver,the spleen, the kidneys and the bladder only gave negative results. The action of the bowels also was good, only the stool was frequently hard and difficult to evacuate. The patient has been married for a year and conjugal intercourse gives her great pain. Though very anxious to have children, she had not as yet conceived. It was very natural that I should then examine the uterus, and found here the confirmation of her symptoms and the cause of her troubles. The mouth of the womb had sunk down and was broad and hard, meeting the examining finger half-way. The uterus was flexed backwards, lying on the rectum and thereby obstructing the passage of the content of the bowels. Thence came the constipation. The cause would seem to be that when a girl of fifteen years of age she had fallen while carrying a heavy basket. The menses had always appeared in connection with violent cramp like pains. I succeeded with some trouble in bringing the womb in an upright position. It was fortunate that in spite of the long reflex position it had not yet become attached to the rectum. I supported the uterus by a tampon secured in the Douglas, and gave the patient a bottle of Sepia 5. I took the tampon away on the second day, the Sepia was continued until July 5. and the success? The uterus has since then retained its normal position. The woman is happy and full of hope, attends to her work and is free from all pains, and her stool is normal.

     Did Sepia assist in this recovery? I fully believe so. Without this medicine the uterus would have returned to its former position on the rectum, as I frequently found before this when practicing allopathy.