By J. T. Boland, M. D., Kansas City, Mo.

     From Jenner we have it that the origin of cow-pox is an infection of the udders of cows by contact with grass on which a horse infected with grease has trodden; while the other historical origin from a similar source of infection, also from Jenner, is that it was from the unwashed hands of the stable-boys, who milk the cows after grooming the horses infected with grease.

     This grease has been successfully used by many homoeopaths against infection with small-pox and bad effects from vaccination.

Clinical Experiences

      Clinical experiences in chronic skin troubles after vaccination that were cured by Malandrinum:

      Dr. W.P. Wesselhoeft describes conditions where a crust formed on raw patches on the skin, the crust thickening and rising (by the forming of under layer) in conical form to one-half inch; they were fragile, rims yellow. When removed, would leave a raw surface and deep fissures, and the crust would re-form in about 48 hours.

      Dr. John H. Clark has cured cases of dry rough skin remaining for years after vaccination, small-pox, measles and impetigo.

      Dr. Burnett cured a case of knock-knee in a child who was constantly handling his penis; his indications are greasy skin, greasy eruption (comp. Thuja), slow pustules never ending – as one heals another appears.

      Dr. A. L. Marcey says that during a small-pox epidemic he vaccinated himself and took Malandrinum 30x night and morning, and the vaccine did not take, though twice repeated, nor was small-pox contracted.

      He vaccinated a family of four children and gave Malandrinum to three of them; the remaining one was the only one on whom the vaccine took, which was so severe that Malandrinum was given to modify the intensity, which it did effectually.

      Of a family of five, the eldest (10 years old) had been vaccinated and had a good scar. All except the eldest were given Malandrinum and vaccinated; none of the four too, but the oldest took the small-pox; Malandainum was then given and in few days he was convalescent.

      My own experience and observations: In a family of six, two children, one young man, one the mother of children, and grand parents.

      One case of confluent malignant small-pox; desire for red colors; wife and babe vaccinated and given Malandrinum 120; vaccination did not take nor was small-pox contracted.

      And a number of children in my family practice vaccinated and given Malandrinum.

    For a proving of Malandrinum, you will find one quite complete in the October number of the Medical Advance of 1902.

      A peculiarity of the proving: compound Chamomilla, one cheek hot and the other cold; Ipecacuanha, one hand hot and the other cold; Lycopodium, one foot hot and the other cold; Malandrinum, one foot sweating and the other dry.

      An acquaintance with Malandrinum will save many patients from the pernicious results of the represent effects of treatment through external applications by the so-called skin specialist, and perhaps will rank with Thuja in importance, and the understanding of the sphere and scope of that remedy will save many a cervix from the amputator’s knife and the woman from a miserable decline and an untimely death.